Friday, November 18, 2005

pay no attention to the man behind the Shelf

Links are fixed! Please take the opportunity to stroll through all of today's features. If this was a DVD, I would dare say that it was "jam-packed." Honest, I would.
Speaking of DVD's and the reference in our post title, The new collector's set of The Wizard of Oz
is now out. It is jam packed and far exceeds previous versions. It does give me pause, however, when I look at it and wonder: "Should I wait and see if they will release a 'Mega-Collector's Edition." Makes you go "Hmmmm...."
Next week: Thanksgiving extraviganza! Animated specials, side dish classics, and parade hijinks!
Don't miss it!
Will you promise not to miss it if I add more exclamation marks?
Don't miss it!!!
That's better...

While shooting elephants in Africa, I found the tusks very difficult to remove. But in Alabama, the Tuscaloosa...

He used to be a big shot...

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