Monday, November 27, 2006

the weekly christmas cartoon: here we go...

You knew it was inevitable. If we were presenting weekly Halloween and Thanksgiving cartoons you know that Christmas was a given. So we kick off the Christmas season here at The Shelf with our weekly Christmas cartoon. We promise to look for the cartoons you may remember but that probably won't be on prime-time network television this season. So sit back and enjoy our first entry: Twas the Night Before Christmas.
Several things have always kind of bothered me about this special:
First: Santa gets pissed off by a letter to the editor, despite years of letters and cookies. Man, that Santa is a touchy guy.
Second: People spend most of the movie seemingly unaware that talking mice live in their homes. Then, near the end it's as if they knew it all along and talking mice is as natural as a Santa Claus with surgically implanted strawberries in his cheeks. "Hey Father Mouse, 'sup playa? I haven't seen you since the beginning of this show 20 minutes ago." "Nothing, much man. Yo- my kid broke your clock." "That's alright - ain't nothing but a thang." Riightt.
Third: The town council sure has no problem throwing alot of public funds towards building a musical clock to attract Santa Claus. If the government was worried about appeasing Santa Claus, wouldn't it be a whole lot cheaper just to send him a case of his beverage of choice- or a fruit basket or maybe even name a street after him. Hell, name the town hall after him that kind of thing works with other "gift-givers".
Fourth: It sure brings up some interesting points about the destructive nature of both fanatical belief and non-belief systems. Discuss. 10 points if you can work in the phrase: "The Crusades."
Fifth: I don't even want to get into the complexities of mice who not only talk, but possess mutant powers to turn into any number of ethnic stereotypes.

For what it's worth, this really is one of my favorites. Enjoy:

Stay tuned for tomorrow's "super" media roundup.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

Don't quite know everything, do you?


Anonymous said...

I remember watching this as a kid. Thanks for posting. Do you always do stuff like this on your site? I'm surprised you don't have more people checking you out and commenting cause this is good stuff!

J.C. Loophole said...

Thanks for stopping by- we hope you'll keep coming. Check out our archives for more Shelf madness. And stay tuned to The Shelf in December, we've got quite a bit coming up!


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