Saturday, December 08, 2007

reindeer food?

I know our recent behavior probably made you doubt us. Heck, I almost doubted for a moment there. Just for a moment, though. Then I realized, "Hey, this is Uncle J.C. and Wolfy I'm talking about here. They always come through for Christmas." So ladies and gents, as promised, the Shelf brings you the much ballyhooed 'Christmas Candy Review'. The only problem is that there is no candy involved. That's right. No candy. This time we attack the ever important topic of cookies.

This year has been a downer for Christmas candy. The industry seems to have been in decline where imagination and innovation is concerned. That really gets me. When I was growing up, I could look forward to holiday candy because it was something you just didn't get year round. There was always a repackaged form of the popular candy bars, but they were merely trifles. There seemed to always be an abundance of new and fun candies out every year touching the imaginations and taste buds of all the kids in the country. For some reason, the candy industry like all others in this country forgot who made them who they are: the consumer. Their focus seems to be only on lowering overhead. That's why, at the Shelf, we are excited to bring you something new for the holidays.

The product in question is 'Reindeer Food'. This would be the point where I tell you all who makes the product ,but I couldn't find a manufacturer's name anywhere on it. Despite this oddity, the product offers a little bit of imagination to the Christmas spirit this year. As I've already mentioned, this is not candy. It's actually gingerbread flavored cookies in the shape of kibble packaged in a small plastic bowl reminiscent of 'Fido's'. I'm not a great fan of gingerbread so I fell back on my trusty side-kick and food tester, Wolf Jr.

He was awfully excited to get into the product and seemed quite entertained by the idea of reindeer food served up in a miniature dog bowl. When it came time to taste, he was somewhat reluctant as he felt the cookies were pretty convincing as kibble. After some comforting words and a promise of a rainbow candy cane (I keep some handy for just such an occasion) Jr. dug in. The first description to come from his mouth was "Hard". The crunching told me that and a touch test shows that these aren't very chewy cookies. The next descriptor was a little more positive: "Good." A few of these and a candy cane later Little Wolfie was set.

I found 'Reindeer Food' in my local chain pharmacy for $1.50. Not a bad price to pay for a novelty like this. I'm always willing to pay a little extra for creativity anyway. If you have stockings to fill for Jr.'s and Jr.-ettes this year, the Shelf recommends 'Reindeer Food'. If not for the taste, then for the creation of memories they may write about on a blog when they are forcing unknown candies on their own children. Be on the lookout for the next candy review: 'Peppermint Peeps'. And remember, if your Christmas spirit is waning then throw on a good holiday movie and feed it Christmas candy.

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In America you can go on the air and kid the politicians, and the politicians can go on the air and kid the people.

What a Christmas! Ho, ho, what a Christmas!

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Ladytink_534 said...

Interesting. You ought to get your hands on Christmas Crunch though!


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