Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter fun

We've been a bit MIA lately- that's what Jury Duty, new responsibilities at work and grading final papers will do for you. We beg your forgiveness and ask you to stay tuned for reviews next week and lots of other fun stuff. In the meantime, it's Easter- are you ready?

I love this time of year. It's a season of renewal and spiritual rebirth. There are certain films that I love to watch to celebrate the season: Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town, It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown....And while all these are great and absolutely wonderful, nothing quite fills me with the simple "joie de vive" that Easter Parade does. Fred Astaire is almost superhumanly talented and is paired with the equally amazingly talented Judy Garland and wonderful Ann Miller! The music is great and while it seems to have little to do with Easter- the colors, the music and the story of a second chance of getting it right seems to get me in the Joy of Easter mood. So in celebration of Easter- here are some great clips from Easter Parade:

First up: Drum Crazy- simply awesome:

And now: A Couple of Swells

Happy Easter to you and yours.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

Why didn't you tell me I was in love with you?


Laura said...

Welcome back and Happy Easter!

Somehow hearing "It Only Happens When I Dance With You" and "A Fella With an Umbrella" just say "Easter" to me -- probably because this has been the "soundtrack of my life" virtually every Easter since I was very small! :)

Best wishes,

J.C. Loophole said...

Thanks Laura-
Yes- just hearing the soundtrack, which I've been listening to in the car all week, (and the John Wayne book I've been reading) was enough to get me through jury duty.
Listening to it really does put you in the Easter and Spring mood!
PS- I read your review of G-Men. I just got Warner's Gangsters Vol. 3 to review. So far it is living up to the other 2 previous editions!

Laura said...

"I just got Warner's Gangsters Vol. 3 to review. So far it is living up to the other 2 previous editions!"

I envy you your review copy! :) That is great news. I hope to pick it up or order it this week. I'm particularly interested in seeing PICTURE SNATCHER and LADY KILLER.

Glad you got through jury duty! I read trial transcripts for a living (along with depositions) so I can relate a bit to your experience although I haven't yet served on jury duty myself!

Best wishes,


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