Thursday, May 25, 2006

got a minute?

A quick post to call your attention to a few things, then a new post later.

Why do we get excited to learn that we can watch some old television shows for free? Can't anyone with a TV do that? Yeah, but now we can do it on the internet! Yee Haw! I think it's pretty strange that we get excited about something we can do already- but now it's on a different medium. I think the big attraction has to do with being on demand- being able to watch what we want when we want. Well, even thought the DVD set of the complete series is set to come out on July 18th, you can watch episodes of Shelf Favorite The Adventure of Brisco County Jr. on AOL. In addition you can watch episodes of Wonder Woman, Head of the Class, and Spenser for Hire. Not only that, but AOL has "channels" or other sections for cartoons (Pinky and the Brain anyone?) Vintage TV, Sci-fi, etc. It's a wonder anyone gets any work done. Heck you can even listen to complete albums on AOL. What are you waiting for, check it out?

DVD Times has news about the Henry Fonda Signature Collection coming out September 19th of this year. The titles included in the box set include: Mr. Roberts, The Wrong Man, Advice and Consent, and Battle of the Bulge- all previously available and will be separately available also.

Someone is producing a documentary about Back to the Future and it's impact on popular culture. Hopefully a television premeire or DVD is in the works. Check out

Also please be sure and go over and visit Greenbrier Picture Shows today. John has a great post up about the making of the last "Marx Brothers" film- Love Happy. The film is probably the least in the house of Marx, but worthy of watching - Marylin Monroe makes her debut and there are some good scenes and bits. The film was originally intended to be a Harpo solo effort, but Chico's debt and the need for Groucho to secure financing brought all three together. Go over and read the post and learn the story behind the final film.

Be back later with another post.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

You gotta excuse Comet. He still doesn't realize he's a horse.


Christian Johnson said...

Did you see when "Lord Bowler/The Shogun of Harlem" was on The Unit?

J.C. Loophole said...

Ah yes- Bowler! Yes I did. Julius Carry is a fine actor and its always a treat to see him pop up on other shows. Also remember seeing him on JAG. Just wish the would bring back Brisco- even in movie form. Bruce Campbell is one of my favorite actors working the medium today.


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