Thursday, March 01, 2007

31 days of Oscar: day 29

For 31 days, Turner Classic Movies celebrates movies and the Academy Awards by presenting 31 Days of Oscar. Each Day from Feb.1 through March 3, a different category of the awards will be the theme of the day; featuring films that were nominated or won in that category. The Shelf will be joining in the celebration by giving you our Oscar pick of the Day!

Today's category is Best Original Screenplay - Nominees and Winners (part two). Here's today's schedule (all times are EST):

7:00 AM Paisan (’46)
9:00 AM The Producers (’68)
10:30 AM Divorce, Italian Style (’62)
12:15 PM I, Vitelloni (’53)
2:15 PM Wild Strawberries (’57)
4:00 PM Dead Poets’ Society (’89)
6:30 PM The Purple Rose of Cairo (’85)
8:00 PM Lover Come Back (’61)
10:00 PM Four Weddings and a Funeral (’94)
12:00 AM Rain Man (’88)
2:30 AM Diner (’82)
4:30 AM The Front (’76)

And our Oscar pick goes to... The Producers! I'm speaking of the original 1968 film of course- the orignial. Zero Mostel is one of films most underrated funny men, and Gene Wilder was embarking on a film career. Mel Brook's first big film is still one of his funniests. And it's a tribute to the original, in a way, that Mel Brooks rewrote it as a musical that was a hit on Broadway, and that musical was made into a film. Do yourself a favor- see the original.

The Producers was nominated for 2 Academy Awards, including Best Supporting Actor for Gene Wilder. It won the Oscar for Best Writing for Mel Brooks' original screenplay. You can watch the film today on TCM, or you can order the DVD through the usual online retailers and the TCM shop. The film is available as a two- disc Special Edition release, or as single disc release.

For more information on TCM's 31 Days of Oscar, visit the Turner Classic Movies website.

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I'm condemned by a society that demands success when all I can offer is failure!

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Bird Dog said...

It gets our first prize too. Totally crazy film.


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