Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine's day on tcm

Without a doubt, millions of American males are busy taking their significant other to the movies this night to see some film that passes for romantic comedy. Ultimately the romantic comedies today skew towards the female demographic, making this trip a real act of love. Admit it guys, you sit and smile and nod at your sweetie, all the while you can hear faint explosions and bad guys being dispatched wafting from the tiny "plex" next to yours in the multiplex. You twitch for a moment and she looks at you and asks if you are enjoying yourself. You lie, of course. I mean how many male actors can they shoehorn in a flick with Kate Hudson before they realize something went off the track sometime around Almost Famous?

In the interest in bridging the cinematic gap between the sexes, I would like to offer a solution. How about a romantic meal at home with a delicious chocolate desert and then escort your lady over to the couch and flip on Turner Classic Movies? Trust me, she will be impressed and you will actually enjoy the films! Tonight romance is in the air with romantic comedies and musicals starring actresses and actors who brought vim, vigor and passion to the screen.

How about the beautiful Doris Day and erstewhile partner Rock Hudson with the funny Tony Randall in the romantic comedy Lover Come Back (2:15 pm est) ? Or June Allyson and Van Johnson in Too Young to Kiss (4:15 pm est)? My pick for the evening would be one of my favorite musicals: Kiss Me Kate with incredible man's man singer Howard Keel, leggy Ann Miller and devestatingly gorgeous Kathryn Grayson (6 pm est).

If you are busy eating... or, er... otherwise engaged you can turn on TCM later to catch Barbara Streisand (before her in your face political stuff) and Walter Matthau in the Gene Kelly directed showstopper: Hello Dolly! Solid bonus- Louis Armstrong (8 pm est). I actually liked Babs better in the next film, Funny Girl, with Omar Sharif (10:30 pm est). What if you are up late... for one reason or another? Well, then you can't go wrong with a musical everyone can love: Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady (1:15am est).

Not a dog in the bunch I say. And the added bonus is no PC, brain dead, emasculating, claptrap. Just good old fashioned romance from Hollywood at it's best. Take it from ol' Uncle Loophole - I wouldn't steer you wrong. Romance is serious business, and I am but a humble proprietor.
Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

A kiss? What does that prove? It's like finding out you can light a stove. It doesn't make you a cook.

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