Tuesday, September 20, 2005

but what does Katrina say about all this?

Certainly nothing good. For the last couple of weeks, all we've been seeing and hearing is the talking heads working on getting a nod for next season's Emmy Awards, politicians working on re-election, and various other whackos just giving their interpretation of what Katrina has done and why she did it. My question is: What does Katrina want us to realize in all this? I heard someone say last week that Katrina "attacked New Orleans because of all the wickedness that goes on down there". RFK Jr. wrote an essay shortly after landfall saying that George Bush caused Katrina because he failed to sign the Kyoto treaty allowing global warming to continue, thereby creating the hurricane. RFK JR.'s craziness. Last week, while in Columbia, SC Louis "Calypso Louis"Farrakhan said that Katrina was "god smiting a nation involved in a wicked war." Farra-"gone".

Are any of these explanations correct? Could they all be correct? Well let's see. There are some wicked things that went on in New Orleans. It was warm when the Hurricane hit. God did create nature which in-turn created the hurricane. These are interesting theories but most assuredly not correct. Looking through my special B.S. filter, I have been able to notice the facts that actually were reported about this occurrence by the media.(In case you are wondering where to purchase a B.S. filter, I'm sorry but you can't. Most people are born with them in their heads but you have to activate it for it to work properly) 1.Grown men and women were stupid enough not evacuate a city that is below sea level when a category 4 hurricane was on it's way for a visit, 2. The state and local government failed to do anything to help evacuate those who could not do so on their own, and 3. All of the aforementioned dummies(Writers note: "dummies" should be pronounced here as Fred Sanford did many times describing Lamont and Rollo) blame everyone but themselves. Knowing these things I begin to see a different picture that Katrina may or may not have purposely painted for us. A picture I have eloquently titled: "If Our Country Continues On It's Current Path, We Are All In Deep Doo-Doo". (It's a bit long I know, but art should not be confined by conventional wisdom.)

Having been to New Orleans, I witnessed the extreme Liberal mindset of that place. That's not the only problem. The government is more corrupt than the average bunch of crooks we usually elect. No-one knows where any of the money goes and when the citizens do find out, they are typically embarrassed. As he has been so unabashedly showing the rest of the country, Mayor Nagin of New Orleans is nothing but a talker. His words are a mere collection of wonderfully positioned smoke and mirrors that entrance the public, but in times like these, leave them shocked as the beautiful assistant pulls them away only to reveal the cranks and pulleys where a true leader and "man-of-the-people" should be. Do I really need to describe here how inept the "do-nothing" Governor of Louisiana is? I didn't think so. Just read the article in this link for just one example of her administration's culpability:Levee Money Allocation. And don't forgot all of those people who voted for these shysters.

Yet still, how could this happen in the greatest country on earth founded on two of the greatest documents ever composed?(That's the Declaration of independence and the Constitution for all you far-left liberals and far right fanatics who have buried these priceless works in your pursuit to build a foundation for whatever money-making, power-gaining project your partners in politics have been struggling to build over the years.) I hate to say it but, several things happened. The "New Deal" happened. Welfare abuse and welfare fraud happened. The ACLU happened. The Southern Poverty Law Center happened. Frivolous lawsuits happened. Activist judges happened. "Politically correct" happened. Major media happened. And amongst many more things, the idolization of Hollywood elite and musicians happened.I watched news coverage of Katrina's aftermath and saw a woman standing there shouting "Who's going to pay my bills?". I have the answer for her: The same people who most likely paid your bills before. The government. Here is a city (and most of that state) where a majority of the citizen's main source of (legal) income is government assistance. The popular thought about the federal government is that they are ,instead of a loving and strong father standing by to protect them and do what's not easy but for their own good, but a mother who does nothing but wait on them and cave to their whining with a bottomless "teat" ever-ready to be suckled.

The majority of New Orleans is an example of a rising group of our nations citizenry with the mindset of a people who always have the government's "safety net". They always know that once offended, a simple lawsuit will help anything. They know that in today's American society, it is not unusual (shout out to Tom Jones) for the self-made, independent, strong willed American of any color equipped with common sense to be ferreted out and destroyed for these qualities. A simple slip of the tongue or disagreement of philosophy can put these Americans in jail or shame them into becoming one of "Them". "Them" ,as they are here-after referred, rely on the Feds and vote for the candidates who keep the handouts coming. Then when things go sour for them, the bite the hand that feeds "Them". They want the the government to control every aspect of their lives but at the same time, stay out of their lives. They bark at the government for punishing "Them" for wrong-doing, and bark louder to wonder why they don't punish those who wrong "Them". "Them" are made up of all races and both genders. It is not a nationality or a bloodline. It is usually but not always a tradition passed down from parent to child. It's a culture and a dangerous mentality. This mentality causes an "every man for himself and the government all for me" society. This is where our country is headed. If we don't get back to the basics of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and what they stand for then our country will be over-run with "Them". Those documents and their purposes must be resurrected and "P.R" must be enforced. No, I'm not contradicting myself. By "P.R." I mean "personal responsibility". "Them" react to that phrase like Superman would react to a Kryptonite suppository.
It's good 'ole elbow grease and self reliance that will save us. You know, all the things we are taught is right but encouraged by popular culture not to do. Katrina has exposed to us a possible future.I have seen New Orleans' ordeal as a small example of what could happen to us if our country becomes what the majority of that city is............................"Them".

"If at first you don't succeed...Keep on suckin' 'til you do suck seeds."

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