Friday, September 09, 2005

the front line

This weekend marks the 4th anniversary of 9/11. With the post-Katrina cleanup, dust-settling and the blame game going on - some may have forgotten. It is very likely that one of the largest natural disasters in our country will have produced a body count higher than the attack on that September morning. With everything going on, and so many people devastated and affected by Katrina, it may be hard to think back on 9/11. Don't forget. Don't let it go by without a silent prayer- not only for the hurricane victims of today, but another prayer for the victims of 4 years ago and their families.

Our country has been through a lot these past four years. We have been through equally hard times in the past. We will survive. The American spirit will endure, because it is so intertwined with the human spirit. We can and will go from attack or devastation to triumph. It is the in-between times that we need to shape up. We need to act and respond like human beings and responsible Americans. Don't get overwhelmed by footage- get motivated by it. Don't get fooled or sucked in by exploitive news stories, celebrity interviews, or tv shows- do something about it. We've got to stop blindly following or believing everything we are spoon-fed on TV by talking heads who have fewer qualifications other than talking. Do what is right, don't let wrong get the better of us, and don't give up when it does. It is in the giving up where we fail. We can always do something. As long as we don't forget.

Thank you to all the police, firefighters, military, government workers, volunteers, and families who make a difference everyday. Thank you for what you did four years ago, and thank you for today. We don't see you on TV, but we know you. You are our neighbors, our family, and our friends. As for me and my house, we won't forget. I suspect there are many people who won't either, no matter what the idiots on the idiot box say. I know that next Friday is the national day of prayer and mourning for those affected by Katrina. I hope we respect that day and participate. That shouldn't prevent us from remembering today, tomorrow, and especially the day after.

all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

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