Friday, September 23, 2005

how do they do that? part 2


Magazines, magazines, magazines. They are probably the worst pilferers of political pipedreams ever. Well, close to it anyhow. There's your Kennedys and Kerrys but mags are at least a close third. At any rate, what I'm driving at is that they are about as useful for info as ear muffs to a deaf man. They are the surreal. They print anything they want and stand behind it as factual and pertinent to current events. They do all of this while continuously claiming their "journalistic integrity" is as strong and true as ever. Yet to the common sense type person with a nose for B.S., they are transparent. Some how. Some way. They continue to sell. How on earth do they do that?
This is mind boggling to me. I guarantee you that 9 out of 10 people do not like being lied to or misled, but for some reason we allow magazines to do just that. What makes it worse is that we pay for it! Now I'm not talking about entertainment magazines or gossip rags. If that's how you get-down then, by all means brotha, get-down. I'm talking about these so-called "news magazines". Somehow they've been getting a large amount of the public to believe their stories as if they were weekly epistles from Paul himself. The lies aren't the most astonishing things about it though. It's the things they choose to sympathize with or report on.
Case-in-point: for the July 4th 2005 issue of Time, a suicide bomber was interviewed( bomber interview ). A meeting was arranged, by whoever does that sort of thing, and a cordial interview was conducted with a future murderer of innocent people. Then when our soldiers are interviewed, they only print statements made about wanting the war to be over. Any statements made about the need for us to see the mission through or that our cause there is just end up drowning in white out. Could this be a trend?
It's not just about the current war. All aspects of contemporary life are delivered to us with a left-sided slant. It's as if we are being recruited to their cause. Anyone with common sense could see what is being done here. So if common sense could ferret it out and most people do not like Loopybeing lied to then how do they continue to sell? Let's face it. Most people are stupid. Then there are those who are just as "loopy" as the authors of this drivel (see photo at right for the perfect example of someone who is loopy). I guess it is more exciting to find out about a "cover-up" than the boring truth. People tend to be more interested in a conspiracy theory than knowing that the government is not out to get us and it is what it is.
I liken the magazines to old time carnival freak show barkers. They know the man in the tent isn't a werewolf, but they swear he is because that's how they get your money. The public abandons rational thought for a few moments and believes in the wolf-man because the barker has sold the idea so well. The public does this to leave reality for a moment to get an adrenaline producing, albeit brief, scare. The difference is that if you were to so see the barker on the street he would say, "Of course the Wackywolf-man isn't real. It's just a show." The magazines continue to tell you it is real and do so under the banner of truth and not the flag of opinion. The worst part is that the scare in the public lasts for more than a few moments.
This is not harmless. It borders sedition. This is not a time for the citizens of our country to allow themselves to be duped for the sake of someone's political philosophy or preference. This is a time for our country to live up to it's noble track-record and truly bond together. Whatever happened to the days when a President, no matter his political affiliation, was treated as our leader by the print society? Where are the newspapers and magazines who once printed articles and pictures solely for the purpose of raising our country's morale? That's what we lack right now. Our current media practices are part of the reason why our country isn't as one. Who do you know these days that gets their knowledge on policy or practice from anywhere but the boob-tube or printed media?
Where has our great country gone? It's still here. It's weaker and in need of a resurgence but it is here. Our country is not controlled by the President or congress. It is controlled by the opinions of the public and how we act upon them. The problem is that a majority of our country allows our opinions to be formed and controlled by those with less than our best interests in mind. Revolutions were started by free thinkers who found what is right on their own and banded together for the good of the people. They were not started by the people being persuaded by a few individuals to make change. That's how dictatorships begin.
I'm not saying we need to rise up out of the fields and start hunting down the evil-doers. What I'm saying is that what this country needs is an intellectual revolution. It can begin with the people refusing to accept the rubbish handed to us by print and televised media. We should require nothing less than the truth from the media and not allow our intelligence to be insulted by the freak show barkers. We can take our country back and make it what it once was. We just need to let those who feel they know what's good for us know that we can figure that out on our own.

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