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Using state of the art technology we bring you today's features!
From around the world wide web- our crack team of observers and reporters bring to you various things sorted and sundry for your entertainment, knowledge, and that "can do spirit." Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Internet, the Shelf Brings you:


Say, isn't that George Clooney over there looking all dapper and eating an ice custard with his Oscar in tow? Why it is! Hey George, looks like that Oscar needs another coat of polish! Ha, ha! We look forward to your next journalistic comedy, in the meantime, how about a lick?

From George Clooney in regards to his Arianna Huffington Blog post: "I didn't write it." Apparently though, he also said: "I stand by my statements but I did not write this blog."
Arianna asked permission to publish some of his statements and response to questions during interviews on television. Permission was granted by someone in Clooney's camp.., er... maybe. Ha, ha George! Don't worry, Mrs. Garrett and the girls still love you!And then Arianna thought that he said, but he didn't - he thought that she... well, you get the picture. It's middle school hubris. Most intriguing was this statement from Clooney's publicist:
"She knows what she was doing. She was saying to people that she had George Clooney's blog and was printing it. George Clooney does not make statements. He answers questions."

Really? Then what do you call that acceptance speech at the Oscars, George? Who exactly asked you a question? If you stand by your statements- (note to publicist- George called them statements, what's your problem? Damage control to difficult for you? You're probably used to backtracking about stuff like who he's dating, schtuping, etc. When politics get involved it's a different world isn't it? Don't worry - there might be some help for you at this site.)- If you stand by your statements - then what's the problem with seeing them in print?
Now he also says, "When I go to the Oscars, I write everything I say...I stand by what I do, but I'm very cautious not to take giant steps onto soapboxes because I think they're polarizing."
Ok, yeah.
Whatever, George. Whatever you say. A little by the by to you George- it's on tape. Both you and your soapbox.

Here we are visiting the little one-room schoolhouse. What are Dick and Jane learning today? Looks like recycling, geopolitics, envriomental science and race studies are on the teacher's lesson plan for today! That'll teach Johnny to read! And if it won't it'll sure help him to fight the red menace! Thataway Johnny!

Can Johnny read? We don't know - as long as he recycles and bicycles- who cares?If you remember our several forays into commentary about education- here is a link (courtesy of from Maggie's Farm that we found that has an actual test from Kansas in 1895 that was requisite for passing the 8th grade. Think you could've passed the 8th grade in 1895? Think again. What government agencies and teacher's unions and regulations and money and leftist and cultural elitist politics have done to the state of education in the country is criminal. Also a teacher offers his thoughts on the sense of entitlement that has pervade our education system.

Time to check on our boys in the front lines! Yessir, where would we be without all the hardworking men and women in Congress and on the school boards and city councils passing resolutions and censures? Why- no where, of course! Peace marches and sit-ins are all the zany rage around these parts and our boys overseas are grateful for all the comedic entertainment! Although they've told us they'd much rather see Bob Hope and a bevy of beauties! Oh well, at least they haven't taken away their soda pop! We hope!

Maggie's Farm is an interesting website and deserves some perusal. Here is another piece that Darn those pesky guys building schools and hospitals and stuff! They just water down our groovy peace marches!they have concerning the Iraq war that has some reason and thought and a link or two to other articles. Also one of the more thoughtful responses I've read to the left and their penchant for shouting empty slogans and empty idea. Courtesy of someone who refers to himself as Dr. Bob. Also interesting is a link to this piece that has some answers to those who believe we are running out of oil.

Is there a Civil War brewing over there? Don't think so- check out HNN (as much as it pains me to link there- trust me this won't happen often) for an opinion piece.
Speaking of some professors- it seems that the what's right for me isn't right for you attitude of some (some) academics is truly becoming more well known outside of the academic ivory tower as well as within. Bruce Thorton over at VDH's website has a great article on the subject. Double Standards are SOP.
Now onto our technology corner! Don't worry Mrs. Homemaker- America's scientists are hard at work on helping you know what's healthy and what isn't so you can properly feed your hard working insurance selling husband and those two impish kids! What's that - canned tuna and powdered milk? Hope there's room in the bomb shelter! Think any of those mapcap crazy kids at PETA have anything to do with this? Who knows? Maybe we'll ask them when the big one comes! Canned tofu can't last long!

This was an interesting piece on Food scares by Charles Stuart Platkin. This is part one mind you. Very informative. It made me think of all the books on early modern Europe that I read in grad school and how often I thought that the science and medicine of the day took on mythological ideas and presumptions. Have we shaken the human flaw of blowing some things out of proportion? Not as long as the newsmedia can make a buck off of scaring everyone.
Thank you for joining us for this brief trip around the internet, and don't forget to buy those bonds! Now onto our Cowboy Cliffhanger Short!

Lastly for your reading enjoyment- A series on Westerns from Images Journal. Well worth your time for the new fan of the genre as well as the old hand.

And now for our Cartoon!
Patrick McDonnell's Mutts is one of my favorite strips- it seems to embody the minimalist spirit of Charles Schulz while doing it's own thing. If you haven't read - check it out. Matt Groening says about it:"Mutts cheers me up everyday. It's not only sweet, simple, and funny--a rare combination--it's also the best drawn comic strip around." Yeah- Bart Simpson's creator loves Mutts. By the way, I spelled "shtuff" correctly- if you read Mutts you would know that.

And that's it Mr. and Mrs. Internet for WEB ON THE MARCH!

By the way we failed to give you our Top Shelf Pick of the Week on Tuesday's media roundup- therefore we will name one today: Maggie's Farm- full of thought, links, information, and a dose of eclectic humor and quotes. The articles and links on education alone are worth the trip. They are now are a part of the Shelf Community. Perhaps a dubious honor- but an honor nonetheless.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

Life is difficult, isn't it, Charlie Brown?
Yes, it is. But I've developed a new philosophy. I only dread one day at a time.

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