Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Don't go crazy. We're all frustrated. Besides- you'll need that hair when you get older.

With our Eyes and Ears around the World Wide Web it's time for a look at the buttons that are being pushed and prodded around the world... and it's not a pretty sight.

Don't do that- it's not worth the pain.On the whole Congresswomen thing: I promised I wouldn't say anymore, and I won't. I'll let VDH say a few words.

Speaking of racism... I have been only paying slight attention to the rape case at Duke University in N.C. That is until this weekend. You know- it was a great tragedy and crime that we have had story after story in our country's history of minorities who were victims of crimes and were not given justice- or were blamed for crimes they did not commit. A wise man once said it should be about justice - not privilege. He was right- but have we gone to far to the other extreme? That is automatically believing someone is a victim or could not have done something wrong because of cries of sexism, racism, etc.? I don't know. Gateway Pundit has some interesting thoughts on the case.

Gateway Pundit is also reporting the Surrender of France.
Yes, Ilsa. We'll always have Paris...jobs for the youth. Seems as if France surrenders to anyone who even looks slightly threatening... including their own citizens. You know the whole "Freedom Fries" thing was a fiasco, not to mention slightly silly. Maybe if we had gone over and threatened to not eat their bread while we were visiting... and then threatened to look at them a little askew and speak with a harsh tone... well, then maybe they would have been more willing to help out in Iraq. Nah... Anyway, mob rule is the order of the day in France. Hey DeVillepin- you might want to make sure you don't accidentally say something like "Let them eat cake." We all know how well that went over last time. Ha, Ha! Those wacky Frenchies!
Don't despair- we can work it out.
Ok- buckle your seatbelts - it's rant time.

Not that we don't have our own problems here. Thousands and thousands marched this week to let Congress know how much they are against provisions against illegal aliens, despite the fact that any of the provisions in the bills mention are fairly too lenient to begin with. Remember that no enforced border means no country. Rome and others went down this road throughout history with problematic results. Congress- a word, if you will. Illegals can't vote. What are you doing? Look - you just can't throw everyone out- and legal immigration is a very strong component of what makes our country progress and move forward. Illegal immigration undermines all of that. What are the arguments that have been heard?

They help build this country.
They are helping - but this is the historic argument from every disenfranchised group throughout American history from former slaves to immigrant Chinese in the west building railroads and the Irish workers in the east to women everywhere. Fact is everyone has a point- which means: NO, you didn't build this country. We all have. That's the deal and that's how it rolls here in the US. So drop it. Besides, who contributes to the well being and welfare of this country the most? Those who pay taxes (other than sales) and sign up for military service- and illegals do neither. Try again.

They are only doing jobs that other Americans won't do.
Hey, hey there...you. Don't cry, Mister Baldy Sad Face. We can pull together and make sense of the whole thing.There is a little bit of truth to this - but a whole lot of deceit as well. Fact is most employers that hire illegals do so, not because other Americans won't do the work- but because hiring an illegal means paying them under the table. That means no insurance, workmans' comp, employer taxes, retirement contributions, etc on behalf of the Employer. That also means the employer can pay a lower wage. Most people believe that illegals are coming to pick fruit or some other agricultural work. Fact is, that more and more agricultural work is being done by machines on large scale operations- and by locals on small scale operations. Illegals are increasingly coming to work in construction and contractor-related jobs. And a good bit of that is skilled labor. I disagree with the President and the majority of the politicians on this one. The problem lies not with what Americans aren't willing to do. The problem lies with what Employers aren't willing to pay or do. Which also means that part of the problem lies with all of the regulatory and fiscal constraints that we have placed on American citizens and businesses over the last 30 years; not to mention the increased tax burdens. Therefore, the government is partly to blame. The American work ethic is still there- the government has just done it's level best to suffocate it. Thanks, Government! So next time you hear that BS argument about what Americans won't do- why don't you tell them what they can do with their argument.

We can't deport all of them or realistically close the border.
Well, we sure can tighten the sucker. In fact, that is the first thing we need to do. Idiot Lib Joe Klein and other idiot libs say we just can't build a 2000 mile long wall. It's impossible, they say. No, it's not. We build vast bridges and 1000's of miles of 4-6 lane interstates. A wall would be child's play. What makes it a stupid undertaking is that it is a potential cultural and political nightmare, and the real problem is in enforcing the border - not the physical border itself. The real solution lies in attempting the tighten and enforce what we have, and work with Mexico to Hey, now - you can't hide from it. We have to work through it. Do something about it!make their country less of a hell-hole so that their own people can have a real chance at survival and progress and at building their own country.

This is their country anyway.
OK - if you are living in Texas, Arizona, California- really- the southwest- they have a point. But I think as far as the rest of the country is concerned The Iroquois, The Cherokee, The Catawba, The Delaware, The Illinois and other Native American nations have a prior claim. (In fact, in parts of the southwest, Native Americans have a prior claim in some spots too) Get in line. You might want to bring a book. Tell you what, you guys can have California. We'll call it even. For now, at this day and time it isn't your country. We would love to have you- legally. That would be great. Just don't sneak in, use our resources without substantially contributing, and then get mad and tell us what to do. That's like breaking into someone's house, eating the food out of their refrigerator and then leaving a note telling the homeowner to buy a different brand of Mayo next time. And by the way. If you want to start picking apart who had what first- I think you might want to think about your own European ancestors who took vast parts of Mexico from Native Americans and hobbled it together into a country through murder, genocide and slavery just like all the other Europeans we all love to complain about. They didn't call them conquistadores for nothing. If its a pissing contest you want, you'd better bring a Big Gulp with ya.

The idea of illegal is racist.
That's right- scream if you have to - just let it out.No illegal, means by means that subvert or circumvent the law. To me that applies to every person, whatever their country of origin, that comes to this country illegally. All of the problems and issues with borders, enforcement, benefits, etc. has to be applied to all illegal immigrants, no matter what the country. The fact is that we have illegals coming in from many countries, including Canada. We need to address this issue as within the constraints of the law, not as a problem with one particular nation.

It isn't right to expect illegals to assimilate or to make English the dominant language.
OK- I take particular exception to this one, because I have lived in South America for several years. When I was there I found no bilingual street signs, vendors, government agencies, newspapers, etc. If I was to live there- I was expected to speak and read their language, which I did. And it was also considered rude for me to speak English with another American in the general public. Riding a bus and speaking in English was not winning me any loving glances. I respected my at the time, newly adopted country (my second favorite and second home) and those around me, and respected their laws and their history. That taught me more than any history book ever did. If that is the case, why is it wrong to expect the same respect here? Many countries teach English as a second language- it is the language of international finance and business, but more importantly it is the language of the United States of America. Just because someone doesn't care to learn and use it, doesn't mean they shouldn't be asked to.

Moreover, America is a nation built on rights and principles, but in the end it has a unique culture. Yes- it is a culture that has derived from many sources. But that is what makes it unique- it is a whole made of many parts. Language and other parts of the culture are essentially glue for the fabric. We welcome all cultures- but we do have a bridging culture of our own. I don't believe you should check your heritage at the door, but I do believe you shouldn't come in and demand that we get rid of our own in favor of yours. It's a pot luck- bring some of your own and contribute. In the meantime- don't come here illegally and pretend that there aren't any problems in your home countries. After all- that's why you are risking life and family to get here, isn't it? To quote an anonymous comment made on another blogger's site:
"There is not one South or Central American nation that isn't hip deep in the same sort of ethnic tensions and class battles that exist in the U.S.. The difference? None of those countries have anything like our Constitution with which to fight those battles. So, is it easier, perhaps somewhat safer, to head north and try to make a buck? Sure. But North Americans don't owe rank-and-file South and Central Americans ( or ANY illegal immigrant) free healthcare, lost That's good. Now, just relax and breathe. Good.wages and exposure to illnesses that, while once rampant here as well, have since been mostly put away. Most central and south American nations are mineral rich. many have coastlines. Nearly all are chock full of people.If your home country is broken, fix it. That's what we did here and what we continue to do. But, if you think you're going to come up here and help to break ours, well, don't be suprised if some of us take issue. Indeed, don't be shocked if most of us do.I don't let homeless people wander through my house, eat my food, sleep in my bed, riffle through my medicine chest and drive up my utility bills, no matter how awful their lives may be. I might CHOOSE to help out, once given all the facts. Indeed, I might be likely to lend a hand. They have to ask first. And then I get to think about my answer. And, if I say "No," that's the end of the conversation."

Now, I don't know the solution to all of the problems. I do know that if we don't recognize that we have a problem it will get worse. Some measures need to be looked at more closely:

1.Clamp down on hiring of illegals. If they are hired- taxes must be taken out of their checks like everyone else. I don't usually like the need to make new tax laws, but I'll make an exception here. If the employer hires illegals, and doesn't take the taxes out of their check - then the employer pays the fine or tax themselves. If you are here- contribute.
I have seen first hand the drain on resources that some illegals have placed on our system. There is much more being put out in our economy than is returning. How?
Going out:
Welfare benefits. Plain and simple, some illegals are signing up for welfare and other benefits (including Child Support benefits- part or all of which is paid for with tax dollars if the absent parent can't be found or isn't working - or working under the table)
No tax dollars being paid, but local, state, and federal resources are being used. 911, Emergency rooms, Emergency care, transportation, police, fire, roads- the list goes on. Being used- no contribution made through taxes.
Wages- A lot of wages earned are being sent back to native countries, minus living expenses. Do you get what I'm saying here? Money is being sent out of the country. Sure- some rent, utilities, gas (no insurance) and food is being bought - as well as some big ticket items- but a majority of the money being earned is not being spent in our own country.
Coming in:
Social problems- gangs, crime, drugs and other similar problems do creep in. It is disingenuous and hypocritical to state that it isn't- just as it is to say that crime, etc. wouldn't be here without illegals. The problem is with lax borders- you get a porous situation that is wonderful for gangs, There now. Don't you feel better? Good, good. OK - now let's discuss the Middle East situation...drugs etc. Its here, and its getting worse.
Labor- yes, it is cheap- but we've talked about this above. I don't believe that jobs are being stolen, I just think employers are taking advantage of the situation.

2. Strengthen our borders. This is not just an immigration issue, but a security issue. We need to be more aware and diligent on our borders on all corners of the country- not just the southwest.

3. Send other countries a bill for services rendered. I sure as hell would get one in my mailbox, if I asked for services and product. Let's send one to them. Hey all you countries out there- how about taking a hard look at how you treat or mistreat your own citizens and try a little reform instead of hoisting your problems on us. We've got plenty of our own. Yes we are petulant and childish at times and we make mistakes. That doesn't mean we need more. And think about this- for all those who argue that this nation isn't great and not everyone wants freedom- why are there so many trying to escape your country to come here? It's not all economics- freedom to work is powerful, as is freedom to worship, speak, live, and breathe. Get a clue.

All right Shelfers- end of rant. No media roundup today. Not much out there. Had to get out the rant for now. The rest of this week we'll be back with popculture, Easter, and more. Stay tuned.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

I'm sorry, please forgive me. I'm just SO close to my menstrual cycle that I could SCREAM.


Christian Johnson said...

Don't forget the Paiute and the Apache and the Navajo, all of whom pre-date the modern State of Mexico or it's Spanish decended peoples.

J.C. Loophole said...

You are correct, sir- in fact there are some tribes that no longer exist that lived within the current borders and died after the Europeans came over.
If a NAGPRA type law were to be passed and enforced in Mexico- it could be a potential mess.


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