Monday, April 03, 2006


Where else but in the current cultural climate of the United States of America can you have a US Congresswomen who needs to be flanked at a press conference with an actor and singer to give yourself credibility?
Where else but in the current cultural climate of the USA can people who are living here illegally (that means against the law, ladies and germs), or at the very least here as a "guest", can dictate to the "host" country how the laws should be made and be given deferential treatment?
No where- that's where.
I really just have one thing to say to the Honorable Representative McKinney: take a moment and really take a hard look at yourself and what you are setting into motion.
The job of the Capital Police is not to give you special treatment- that is a policy and consideration. The job of the Capitol Police is to protect your sorry ass. That means they need to prevent people from walking in and bringing in a gun, knife, or bomb- and ensuring that said weapons never enter into the building with an unauthorized individual. That means that everyone has to go through the metal detector... except authorized individuals who have proper ID and a lapel pin. You are one of those individuals which already puts you in a priviledged class. You didn't wear it the day of the incident, for whatever reason, and you not only were not recognized - but you did not properly identify yourself. Properly. The way that the Congress have set out in your rules. In other words, Rep. McKinney, the officer attempted to stop an individual who they did not recognize, who was not properly identified, nor was properly outfitted with preauthorized ID's or pins, and keep them from rudely and unlawfully bypass the metal detector. Until you were properly identified- you were, for all intents and purposes, an unauthorized individual. It was your duty and responsibility to set an example and either:
a) submit to the metal detector and thank the officer for doing his job
b) explain to the officer who you are, explain your lack of ID and await a superior to give you the go ahead- and thank the officer for doing his job trying to keep you safe.
c) go home and get your frickin' ID or pin and come to work properly like millions of Americans have to everyday.
Instead you chose to brush through, ignore the officer, and to strike him when he attempted to stop you, someone whom he thought was an unauthorized individual, from entering a secured area. Then instead of being an adult, among other things, you chose to act like a petulant child- screaming about how it wasn't your fault and it was some other kid's fault. You knew this would look bad for you in the papers. I mean, your party is trying to become the party that will be tough on terrorism. How can you truly represent being tough on terrorism when you want to bumrush past the metal detector when you don't get your way? Or when you want to have the rules bent at your will, and enforced for the rest? Despite your protestations- you are a member of the privileged few, because of your job and all the privilege that comes with it.
Now you've chosen to create a circus out of the whole affair... and usually the person who makes a circus out of something is a clown. You specifically went to a historically black university, draped yourself with civil rights attorney's and two prominent entertainers and cried racism, foul, and sexism. The dreams of those who lived and sacrificed to be treated with equality were disrespected and devalued by your actions. You are engaging in a legal arms race- up the ante and the arsenal until the other guy backs down. This isn't about being profiled or mistreated or targeted- this is about you, covering your ass for being an ass.
The sad thing is, is that American will do like it always does for the cultural elite- they will give in and give you a pass. Heck- they might even shed a tear or two and buy your book about the incident and watch the movie adaptation of the book. Hey, maybe you can get Paul Haggis to direct! America- stop rolling over and lapping this stuff up. I'm not advocating anything to or against anyone. All I am saying to America about this, and alot of other things that this story represents: grow up and grow some. It's time to put value on the real things in life- like your families and communities- once those are in better shape, then maybe you can afford to spend time worrying about what the privileged few are eating, wearing, or who is suing who.
Sorry for wasting a beautiful Spring monday on this topic and this rant. I return you now to your regularly scheduled cynicism and satire.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

Either you are very smart or... Incredibly stupid.

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