Saturday, December 09, 2006

another weekly christmas cartoon

Due to last week's hectic schedule, the weekly Christmas cartoon that was going to be posted was delayed too long. Therefore, today's posting will be the first of two cartoon's for this week. Anyone wishing to complain about having two weekly Christmas cartoons in one week can see our customer service manager. How do you get in touch with him? Well, frankly I don't know. That's probably because we don't have one. On with the show! The first Christmas cartoon we posted is a favorite of mine, and this week will be no different. It's another favorite in the form of Fat Albert's Christmas. It popped up on T.V. here and there, but never consistantly and not very often. The story surrounds Fat A. (That 'A' stands for Albert. You should be ashamed of yourselves.) He and the Cosby kids attempt to put together a Christmas show for the neighborhood. As expected, hijinks ensue and Bill Cosby's voice is taxed for 20 minutes or so. All ends well and Fat A. and the gang have a relatively decent time, considering they live in the inner city and hang out in a junkyard. It's time to put on your headphones or crank up the speakers and share with the office. We present for your viewing pleasure the Shelf's weekly Christmas cartoon: Fat Albert's Christmas

Please feel free to comment if need strikes you.

I never forget a face but, in your case I'll make an exception.
"Hey, Hey, Hey! Let's get underway!"

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