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dvd news: tlc shows on dvd

I don't know about you, but given the fact that we have three boys at home who are fascinated by animals, engineering marvels, and all manner of myths that require busting, we watch a lot of the Discovery channel spectrum of television. That would include channels like Animal Planet, Science Channel, TLC, Discovery, etc. My oldest son and his grandfather (my father) are big fans of some of these shows like Mythbusters, Survivorman, etc. I've found that some of these shows do an excellent job of adding an element of entertainment to what would otherwise be straight forward, science class stuff. I am interested in the Meerkat Manor series, as is my youngest who is a 9 year old expert in all things involving animals. Boy, it's tough living with a bunch of know-it-alls. So, on behalf of my brood and in our quest to always bring you DVD news and reviews you can use, we bring you some announcements of DVD releases of some TLC shows on DVD. The DVDs are being released by TLC and Genius Products Partners; release info from TLC and Genius and Box art are included:

Merekat Manor: Season One (Release date: Oct.9)
Showcasing the real-life comedy and drama inherent in the daily activities of an unorthodox animal “family,” the Emmy®-nominated series “Meerkat Manor” Season One arrives on a two-disc DVD set October 9, 2007, from Genius Products and Animal Planet. Produced by Oxford Scientific Films for Animal Planet, the eye-opening docu-drama series follows the social dynamics of a group – or “mob” – of meerkats, utilizing ground-breaking fiber-optic technologies that allow full, 24-hour tracking of the highly-developed and complex daily lives of the fascinating furry creatures. Winner of the 2007 Parent’s Silver Choice award and the #1 show on Animal Planet, Meerkat Manor is narrated by Academy Award nominee* Sean Astin (The Goonies, The Lord Of The Rings trilogy) and features the exploits of an extraordinary family of South African meerkats – known as the Whiskers – living in the Kalahari Desert. Together, these remarkable animals face the full spectrum of the life experience with all of the joys, triumphs, comedy and sorrow that come along the way. Featuring births and deaths, love and loss, youthful indiscretions and divided loyalties, Meerkat Manor is the ultimate all-access reality show; from dealing with predators and inclement weather to internal social politics and external threats from rival gangs, the Whiskers present an intimate and exhilarating real-life look at life in the wild. Small members of the mongoose family, meerkats are burrowing animals with a tendency to form strong social networks within their communities. Always looking out for one another, their human-like behavior also includes active education of their young – a social trait unique among non-human mammals – as well as playful wrestling matches and foot races. The two-disc Meerkat Manor Season One DVD collection includes 13 episodes.

Little People BIG WORLD: Season One
(Release date: Oct.2)
Follow little people Matt and Amy Roloff and their endearing family when Little People, Big World Season 1 arrives on DVD October 2nd from Genius Products LLC. Praised as “enthralling” by LIFE magazine and hailed by critics as “irresistible” and “engaging,” this TLC series is viewed weekly by nearly 9 million viewers and has ranked as the #1 cable show in its timeslot. Little People, Big World is a relatable family documentary series about an ordinary family in every way but one. Dealing with myriad issues from sibling rivalry and teen angst to financial stress, “... Little is as much about humanity as height” (TV Guide). Standing just over four feet tall, the Roloff parents offer a unique perspective on how little people deal with life’s everyday problems in a world that wasn’t made for them. With three average height children – 15 year-old Jeremy, 12 year-old Molly and 9 year-old Jacob – and one little person son, Jeremy’s twin brother Zachary – life on their 34-acre Oregon farm is never dull. Capturing the highs and lows of the family’s struggles and successes, Little People, Big World contains three discs with the first season’s 20 aired episodes as well as two special “lost” episodes that fans won’t want to miss.

Miami Ink: Season One
(Release date: Oct.30)
Commitment, tradition and passion are the basic principles that guide the artists of Miami Ink, a Florida tattoo parlor that’s become a permanent South Beach fixture and an enduring TV icon. Currently in its third season, Miami Ink has become a surprise hit among the inked and the uninitiated alike. Miami Ink Season One comes to DVD October 30 from TLC and Genius Products, timed to the premiere of the second half of season three. Reuniting five friends – Ami James, Chris Nuñez, Darren Brass, Chris Garver and Yoji Harada, each a world-class artist in his own right – Miami Ink follows the pursuit of a shared dream, exploring the motivations and the profound impulses that inspire their diverse customers to seek out their indelible art. From the stress of running a business to the sublime satisfaction of the art itself, the series charts the triumphs and prevails of its subjects, with a steady stream of eccentric clients to keep things colorful. The customer base includes a mother/daughter duo in search of matching ink, a man hoping to memorialize a wife lost to cancer, a woman seeking to mark her escape from the depths of addiction into the joys of sobriety and more.

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Stacy said...

Meerkat Manor is a great show. They've released some other DVDs with just best episodes or something. So it's good to see a full season set like this. Reminds me of watching Wonderful world of Disney with the nature shows.

Sallie said...

I love Little People Big World. They are such a great family- very rare these days, they actually support each other and love each other. This is one I'll be picking up!!


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