Thursday, August 30, 2007

last of the summer grape juice

Things have been a little quiet around the Shelf this week. That doesn't mean we haven't been working on anything. Just the opposite, in fact. I've got at least three new DVD reviews coming your way, in addition to a new roundup, the fall outlook for TCM and more. It's just this week has been sort of... last days of summer-ish. I'm not a big summer fan. In fact, Fall is my favorite season- it's just magical to me. And as long time Shelfers know- Fall is go time for The Shelf. You'll be seeing our usual roundups and more DVD reviews, but old favorites like the Candy reviews will be back and so will Holiday cartoons, posts on Animated Specials and all kinds of fun stuff.

It's just a time to get ready for some changes, to finish up things left undone. It's beginning to be a time of transition. I can smell things changing in the air. Sure, it's still hot as blue blazes outside, but not as hot as it was last week. And even this Labor Day weekend is forecast to be a little cooler. Of course, the stores are starting to put gardening stuff and pool stuff on clearance and make room for other things. I've even spotted some Halloween Candy (I couldn't help myself, but I am saving it for late September for a review for you!) starting to crop up at the local pharmacy. The College football teams are gearing up for another season to kick off this weekend, and I see people starting to try and finish up outdoor projects they have left laying around because of the heat. It won't be long now...

I just watched My Summer Story (AKA: It Runs in the Family), which some of you may know is the 1994 sequel to A Christmas Story. If you love that movie and Jean Shepherd, do yourself a favor and watch the movie. Sure the actor's are different, but Shep is there narrating and Bob Clark is directing, and most importantly the spirit is there. It's a wonderful tale about the childhood adventures of summer and how sometimes not everything goes as planned. And then one day, Fall is back, school is back and soon it will be cold again.

What am I really talking about? Oh, I don't know- just being wistful I guess, looking for a way to describe why this is a slow blogging week. Either way, more good times are coming. Stick with us for more fun, wacky, sometime serious, sometimes insightful stuff from the Shelf. It's also a good time, because it's our 2nd Bloggiversary in September and we'll be looking forward to more stuff coming your way that we've been working towards with the site. So stick around.

Oh, The picture? Well, having been inspired by Sippican Cottage's usual good taste in photos, I happened to remember this little gem from a project I worked on. It was from the Library of Congress. They look like they are having some lazy "last of summer" fun. And apparently the guys are all for equal rights.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

The Old Man was having the time of his life being miserable. It was what he did best.


Anonymous said...

What a very cool picture. That's an odd camera that guy is holding any idea what it is?

J.C. Loophole said...

Sorry- no idea. I can't really tell from the other copy I have either.

Laura said...

Have a great holiday weekend!


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