Tuesday, September 25, 2007

strike up the roundup

Shelfers, I have seen the season premiere of The Unit and I declare it to be...freakin' awesome. Jonas and gang we dispersed and on the ropes at the end of last season in one of the best cliffhangers of the year. Believe me when I tell you the tables have turned and The Unit is back kicking ass and taking names. If you missed last season, you're in luck- but we'll get to that in a bit. For now let's start off this roundup in style, cause we are in the swing of things again and the beginning of Fall is looking promising. Why? Because we've got a new classic film release today that fans have been waiting for, and the rest of the year is looking great. So c'mon gang, let's strike up the roundup and put on a show!

Top Shelf Pick of the Week!
The Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection
You know the drill: boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, girl or boy is in trouble, boy and girl and the gang put on a show to win the day. Or something like that. It may sound familiar, and Mickey and Judy did it best. These two were a charming pair that gave voice, image and entertainment to a wartime youth generation. Films included in the set are: Babes in Arms, Babes on Broadway, Girl Crazy and Strike up the Band. There are also great extras included like classic cartoons and vintage shorts, radio adaptations and trailers. Of special note is a bonus disc with a Private Screenings Episode with Mickey Rooney, The Judy Garland Songbook: 21 complete Judy Garland musical numbers spanning her many films from 1936-1954 and a Trailer Gallery. The icing on the cake are lobby card reproductions and a collectable booklette. This is the best set of the month, folks, so don't miss it. And keep checking back with us for a complete extensive review of the set later!

The Unit Season 2
I said I'd get back to this, didn't I? Today a great season of The Unit hits the shelves. Last season was fantastic, and after tonight's season premiere, I am confident the series will continue to get better. The show is intelligent, patriotic but smart enough to know how to question and search, and the writing and action is tight paced and exciting. You seriously have to watch the entire season to pick up on things here and there that will actually pay off later. Like I said, good stuff.

Numb3rs Season 3:
Here is another well written show with great action. I really love the characters, and was really surprised by last season's final twist. It's not your typical crime drama. It's full of exceptional acting and mysteries and solutions full of great twists and turns. I am really looking forward to this season's premiere.

Charmed: Season 8, The Final Season
Longtime Shelfers know that I love this show. Call it a guilty pleasure, or what you will, but I'm not ashamed to admit it. The humor and imagination is what kept bringing me back, and the show had an extensive backstory and mythology that rewarded regular viewers, but didn't completely alienate newcomers. The final season was, in a way, the final, final season. The Charmed team wasn't sure that they would get a season 8, so they scripted the finale in season 7 to serve as a kind of series finale. Then they got the next season, but with some budget constrictions. Therefore, not only did they have to worm their way out of the corner they had written themselves into, they also had to pull back on the services of some of the guest stars, etc. I have to admit I didn't like the addition of Billie. I felt they sacrificed Leo as regular, but in the end I think they pulled everything together nicely. Unlike previous season sets, this box set actually has special features. They include a 2 part doc on the show, several behind the scenes featurettes and interviews and commentaries on select episodes.

Jazz it up!
Tony Bennett: Sings the Ultimate American Songbook, Vol.1
Chris Botti: Italia
Diana Krall: Very Best of

This is a great week for someone like me who loves classic American songbook music and jazz. Three great releases, three great artists. Tony Bennett is an American icon, and he's done so much music that he's permanently tied to: I Left my Heart in San Fransisco and more. Now he's put together a compilation of some much loved songs done in his inimitable style.
Chris Botti is a jazz trumpeter with some very jazzy, romantic phrasing. This time he's recorded an album in tribute to his background and heritage. This album even includes a duet that Botti was able to record with the late great Dean Martin: I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face.
Diana Krall has pulled together her very first career retrospective, from her first album in 1996, up to her 2006 From This Moment On. She also ups the ante with three new songs as well. Don't miss it.

Well that's it for this version of the roundup gang. And don't forget: It's Fall. And you know what that means. Yep, Halloween is around the corner and the Shelf's annual descent in the tricks and treats will begin. Look for Classic and new Halloween movies, cartoons and candy reviews. And before we even get to that we have more DVD reviews and posts up our sleeves. So stay tuned...

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

Take that boy on the street. Teach him to blow a horn and he'll never blow a safe.


Stantheman said...

I love The Unit! I am glad that they are releasing the season set- my friend missed much of season 2 and TiVo'd the premiere last night so he could watch it later when he knows what's going on. Now he doesn't need to wait or keep Tivoing the show. Excellent.

Stacy said...

The Mickey and Judy set sounds great! I've ordered mine from amazon and I'm anxiously awaiting being able to see Strike Up the Band, which I haven't seen in years! Thanx for the heads up!


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