Saturday, October 22, 2005

do or do not. there is no 'try'.

You don't need a golden nugget to afford this.
Here at the Shelf, we strive in presenting useful information that hopefully can make a difference in your life. Here is just one more way we are opening minds one article at a time. Every now and then we like to gather around the greatest thing that man has ever invented: THE XBOX. We indulge ourselves in good old fashion shoot outs, racing, and adventure games. We also play the greatest game: football. Recently I picked up my copy of NCAA 2006 by EA Sports.

Hurry, I can't hold this pose much longer.With a title such as '06, one would think that all that EA changed from the previous versions is the background. That is not the case here. EA has taken the game to a whole new level. EA has upped the ante with the new Heisman mode. In '06, you can now create a sorry little freshman and with a some effort, you can make him a Heisman winner. There are new impact moves that will make or break your game. And the game is somewhat more balanced then previous versions. You can study your team’s playbook while in your dorm room and if you need it, you can practice them also. EA has also brought new mini games to the options menu. The Passing Skeleton, Oklahoma Drill, Option Attack and Rushing Attack are great games to play to just have fun and improve your game at the same time.

I love the way I can take my mighty Clemson Tigers all the way to the National Championship. Yes, you Gamecock fans can do it too. Even with these additions, not one thing that has made the series great has changed. Dynasty and season modes still excite, and you can always just You can't touch me, boypick it up and play a rivalry game. Sound and graphic qualities are excellent, and EA still has the dynamic trio of Nessler, Herbstreit, and Corso commanding the helm. The game is available for all consoles, and there is very little difference among them. The Xbox version has the edge with graphics and loading times. If you are riding the fence about deciding whether or not to get this game, man, get off before you hurt something and get it fast. It has online features and is rated E for you and your kids. With the Shelf ratings of Pass, Borrow, Rent, or Buy - NCAA 2006 by EA Sports is rated by the Shelf as a Buy. Remember, when the game is tied, 2 sec left, it's 4th and Goal, and you're on the goalline, run the QB up the gut! ( courtesy of Matt Leinhart)

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Posted by: A. Baravelli
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Anonymous said...

Who's the new writer. He sounds kind of cute? Go tigers!!

I. P. Freeley

Anonymous said...

You must be the guy's wife.


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