Saturday, October 29, 2005

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Nuggets? Who needs nuggets?

Yeah!!! The weekend is here once again and this means it is time again for the weekend dish on what we are playing here at The Shelf. This week it is EA's Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. First, I must say that I am partial to military based games. I have one or two of them. I have the Marine based game Close Combat First to Fight and the Army's Full Spectrum Warrior. I have also played the Tom Clancy series Ghost Recon as well as the Navy's Seals Socom series. All of these games are very good with the way that the programmers have paid attention to detail. Each game let you play with new and advanced weapons and each one let you fight in some form of a real time hotspot. However, not all of these games let you take control of all your military might.
Part of the Fall Collection
Battlefield 2 lets you be whatever you want to be. If you want to be a sniper, you can. If you want to blow things up, you can drive a tank. You can take control of Special Ops soldiers instantly. There are over 50 weapons and 30 vehicles. Yes, you can fly an Apache if you want to. It is very intense. You are running into battle with your team mates and if you are not careful you will Just your normal morning commute.have a "friendly fire" in a matter of seconds. You are given medals for your performance as well as stars. These stars help you advance in rank. I am not an online gamer, but you can tell that this game would be better played online. The way the game is so fast and played 360 degrees around you. It is rated T due to the language and violence. (Violence-it is a game about war!!!) Here at The Shelf, the rating scale according to my boss is Pass, Barrow, Rent or Buy. Well, why are you still here reading this cheesy ending, you should be out buying it right now. Also plan on saving some money for America's Army coming out soon.Good Luck!

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