Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Just some tasty linkage for you to chew on today:
X-Entertainment reviews new "Marshmellow Peeps: Decorating Kit"- yum
In Scottsdale, AZ Jerry and Kramer are attempting to turn a McDonalds into a fancy "Starbucks"-style McDonalds. I kid you not; check it out. George and Elaine: MIA.
Sesame Street brings this ridiculous court case to you by the letters W and Q.
Lasty, see how "8-year old girl vs 211 lb Bear" turns out.
Media morsels:
New episodes of this season of South Park began this past week. The first episode was "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow." If you have been following our diatribes here about the hurricane coverage and have seen it - you will love this episode. Check out listings for repeat. Don't miss it.
Tonight on ABC- the annual airing of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" at 8/7central.
Required viewing.

UPDATE: It appears that inferring Sesame Street legal troubles was semi-prophetic: Seems as if Elmo earned himself a night in the sweatbox. Seems as if there was a failure to communicate. Elmo might also be in a gang with Spongebob. Tragic. Even the superheroes have failed us.

Also for you anonymous commentors out there (you know who you are, we don't): a little "Six Degrees" contest for you: Degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon to Groucho Marx (don't forget to name the films, no more than six) : name your answers in the comments section. Winner receives: satisfaction. Good Luck. Hint: Look in this paragraph for a hint.

Why should I care about posterity? What's posterity ever done for me?

I got a rock.


Anonymous said...

Five Degrees:
Bacon with Ed Harris in "Apollo 13"
Harris to Sean Connery in "Just Cause"
Connery to Michelle Phiffer in "Russia House"
Phiffer to Eve Arden in "Grease 2"
Arden to Groucho Marx in "At the Circus."
What do I win? Ha, Ha!

J.C. Loophole said...

Pure satisfaction of a job well done. However, I can do it in 4 degrees? Anyone care to try?

Anonymous said...

I've got 4 -
Kevin Bacon was in "Animal House" with Donald Sutherland
DS was in "Six Degrees of Separation" with Stockard Channing
SC was in "Grease" with Eve Arden
Arden was in "At the Circus" with Groucho.


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