Wednesday, February 14, 2007

31 days of Oscar: day 14

This month, Turner Classic Movies celebrates movies and the Academy Awards by presenting 31 Days of Oscar. Each Day from Feb.1 through March 3, a different category of the awards will be the theme of the day; featuring films that were nominated or won in that category. The Shelf will be joining in the celebration by giving you our Oscar pick of the Day!

Today's category is Best Actress Nominees. As you would expect, there are quite a few sappy love storys in the lineup. My advice? Skip Bridges of Madison County for sure, and TiVo most of the rest. You need to spend quality time with your honey, right? But if you need a romantic film- today's pick is perhaps one of the most romantic films you could pick. Besides, it gives me an excuse to post Greta Garbo pictures. Here's today's schedule (all times are EST):

6:00 AM Mourning Becomes Electra (’47)
9:00 AM Ship of Fools (’65)
11:30 AM One Night of Love (’34)
1:00 PM The Way We Were (’73)
3:00 PM Since You Went Away (’44)
6:00 PM Sabrina (54)
8:00 PM Breakfast at Tiffany’s (’61)
10:00 PM The Bridges of Madison County (’95)
12:30 AM Love Letters (’45)
2:15 AM Camille (’36)
4:15 AM Sorry, Wrong Number (’48)

And our Oscar pick goes to... Camille! Starring the legendary Greta Garbo and directed by the also legendary George Cukor, this film is the story of a young 19th century French courtesan who is dying. She is also generous with her friends and lifestyle to the point of being in debt. Seeking to marry a wealthy nobleman, she ends up falling in love with Armand (Robert Taylor), whom she intially mistakes for a baron. Once she discovers that he lacks wealth and title, she tries to rebuff him and pursue the real baron. However, real love prevents her from being able to follow through. Tragedy and sacrifice round out this beautiful film.

The film was nominated for Best Actress Academy Award for Greta Garbo, but she did not win. You can watch the film today on TCM, or you can order the DVD through the usual online retailers and the TCM shop. Camille is available as a single disc, or as part of the Greta Garbo Signature Collection.

For more information on TCM's 31 Days of Oscar, visit the Turner Classic Movies website.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs. Loophole! Garbo may be today's Shelf pick, but you will always be mine...

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