Tuesday, February 20, 2007

31 days of Oscar: day 20

This month, Turner Classic Movies celebrates movies and the Academy Awards by presenting 31 Days of Oscar. Each Day from Feb.1 through March 3, a different category of the awards will be the theme of the day; featuring films that were nominated or won in that category. The Shelf will be joining in the celebration by giving you our Oscar pick of the Day!

Today's category is Best Sound - Nominees and Winners (part one) . Some excellent films again today, with several making their premiere on TCM. Here's today's schedule (all times are EST):

6:30 AM Not as a Stranger (’55)
9:00 AM Captain Caution (’40)
10:30 AM The Men in Her Life (’41)
12:00 PM The Southerner (’45)
2:00 PM I Want You (’51)
3:45 PM Our Very Own (’50)
5:30 PM Sayonara (’57)
8:00 PM Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (’57)
10:15 PM The Eddy Duchin Story (’56)
12:30 AM Kotch (’71)
2:30 AM The Patriot (’00)

And our Oscar pick goes to... Gunfight at the O.K. Corral ! Yes, another western for today's pick. And we can do that- it's the Shelf's Oscar pick after all. I've never been a huge Burt Lancaster fan, but I am a big fan of Kirk Douglas, who turns in an interesting performance here as Doc Holliday. Lancaster and Douglas would pair up again for a decent comedy in 1986's Tough Guys. Gunfight is a rousing action film, but not a historical look at the legendary event. In fact, few of the "Wyatt Earp" films, of which there are many, ever really take a documentary approach, instead preferring character development and action over facts. That's OK - this is Hollywood we are talking about. There are plenty of books and information on the real thing. That being said, one of my favorite "Wyatt Earp" flicks is 1993's Tombstone with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. I'll be your huckleberry.

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound and Best Film Editing, but did not win. You can watch the film today on TCM, or you can order the DVD through the usual online retailers and the TCM shop. The film is available as a single disc release.

For more information on TCM's 31 Days of Oscar, visit the Turner Classic Movies website.

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ed said...

I also prefer Tombstone, but this was an enjoyable western on it's own merits. I found Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday was perhaps the best there has been.


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