Tuesday, June 26, 2007

attack of the 50 foot roundup

50 feet? Not quite, but in the spirit of today's roundup theme, it seemed appropriate. It won't be a long roundup today- which seems to run counter to my title. Maybe it should have been: Land of the Roundup? Or, maybe...Hot Rods to Roundup. Nah- not as catchy. Irregardless we have some fun stuff to get to, so let's hit it.

Top Shelf Pick of the Week:
Cult Camp Classics, Vol. I - 4
Years and years ago, I remember going to the drive-in with my folks. I was real little, so my memories are kind of vague. About the only things that stick in my mind was the enormity of the screen, the novelty of watching the film (who knows what it was) in my pajamas in the car, and the sound box hanging on the window.
Today that old drive in has been cleared and there is a chain grocery store standing in its place. The novelty of watching a movie in the car for my kids consists of a tiny DVD screen on the back of the seat. Nothing can compare to the huge screen, but I guess they don't know any different. As you know the movie screens have shrunk in the cineplex and a lot of drive ins are gone. Some still exist but even now, like my dad and his generation will tell you it isn't the same.

Back then, there were all kinds of pictures, but the ones that seem to be sentimental favorites are the science fiction, big epics and cult films. Warner Brothers has dipped into that reservoir of that type of film and released 4 volumes of Cult Camp Classics. With titles like, Hot Rods to Hell, Caged, and The Prodigal you can probably surmise that we aren't talking AFI 100 years, 100 films territory. But the less said about that travesty, the better. Needless to say, with a moniker like Cult Camp Classics, that's not what's being aimed for anyway. It's the the entertainment they are going for, and not all of the films really fall under the "cult" or the "camp" categories. In fact there several really great gems here, and that's why I go with the drive-in theme with these films. Highlights of the sets include: Howard Hawks' The Land of the Pharaohs, Dana Andrews in Zero Hour (the basis of the spoof film Airplane), and the fun and truly cult camp classic, Attack of the 50 ft. Woman.

Reno 911! Season 4
Last week's Reno 911! Miami was perfectly timed to coincide with the release of Season 4. Or is it that Season 4 was perfectly timed to coincide with..., aw never mind. Either way the fourth season of those cops from the biggest little city in the world hits the shelves today. If you aren't watching, you are missing the funniest show on television. Most of the cast and creators come from the 90s MTV sketch comedy show, The State. That show is overdue for a release. Until it is, snap up this set and pop it in the DVD drive and enjoy.

Psych - Season 1
USA Network (cable network owned by NBC) produced a great hit on their hands with Monk. (Season 5 of Monk is also out today) Riding on that success, they produced another comedy mystery series called, Psych. James Roday stars as Shawn Spencer, the laid back son of a by the book police officer. He has a photographic memory and a cocky attitude which got him in trouble when he tried to show off his skills to the police. He is so good, the police begin to suspect he was in on the crime. In order to get out of this jam, Spencer pretends to be a psychic. Instead of helping him out, Spencer's act actually helps him get in on police work as a freelance detective/psych. His exasperated friend, Gus (Dulé Hill) is unwittingly thrust into the role of Spencer's sidekick. Psych is funny and a bit of a throw back to the fun mystery series of old.

That's all for today, folks. I told you it would be short and sweet. Now that I think of it, perhaps Ankle Bite of the 50 Inch Roundup! Yeah, that's the ticket....

Stay tuned; we'll have a couple of DVD reviews coming up.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

Our survival hinges on one thing - finding someone who not only can fly this plane, but didn't have fish for dinner.

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