Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dennis Miller is my favorite pundit

He was great as the "weekend update guy" on SNL and I loved his HBO show. I hated it when his show MSNBC was cancelled and rejoiced when he landed a radio gig. My all time favorite "Miller moments" though, is when he makes quick guest shots on other shows to do nothing more than rant. Dennis Miller has an uncanny ability to truly verbalize his feelings and what I feel to be the feelings of most Americans without a pulpit to preach from so-to-speak. I blog, but I don't reach millions with my thoughts. That's why I am appreciative of Mr. Miller. I know that when he speaks, he typically shares my views, expresses them well and reaches a lot farther than I do. The following clip is just another example of that talent of his. You may have seen it. It's a classic Dennis Miller rant where he tells us how he really feels about Las Vegas Sen. Harry Reid. Be prepared to pay attention because he's preachin' in this one. All I have to say is "Hallelujah!"

In America you can go on the air and kid the politicians, and the politicians can go on the air and kid the people.

Please feel free to comment if the need strikes you.

“Politicians in government should be changed regularly, like diapers, for the same reason.”


fredhead21 said...

It's Miller time! He says it plainly and without mincing his words. THis is more of what we need. I am so tired of Washington politiians. This is also why I am for Fred in 08!

Wolf Flywheel said...

I agree. I don't see how Fred Thompson could lose against any of the Democrat contenders, much less the GOP primary.

tracy said...

I miss Miller's rants on his HBO show, although I catch him on O'Reilly every now and then. Can we find his radio on the net?

Wolf Flywheel said...


You sure can.

Schnoof said...

Dennis Miller is a dork who has minced more words than anyone in the history of the world. He tells it like it is -- from the eyes of a dogmatic neo-conservative. Thank God this guy has been shoved into obscurity. His 15 minutes seemed like 500 years.


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