Monday, June 18, 2007

i like mine medium with a hint of marsala....

I came across an article today written by the one and only Ted Nugent. I don't follow him or his politics, but I am aware of his affection for eating the flesh of animals. This is something we have in common. He mentions something about the battle of right and left and makes a good point. Contrary to popular belief, the conservative stance is pro-choice and the left opposes this. I guess I could clarify that by saying that Mr. Nugent , or "The Nuge", implies that the conservative stance is that conservatives want the freedom to choose how they want to live and let others choose how they wish to live. The left wishes to have the choice made for all of us, according to Mr. Nugent. It's an interesting thought and makes a lot of sense. I found the article to be worth the 3 minute read and encourage you to see for yourself. The article is from the Waco(TX) Tribune which is his local paper and includes a mention about someone being fired from Paul McCartney's road crew for eating a hamburger. Now if the guy agreed not to eat meat as part of employment, then that's his own fault. I still think it is somewhat disturbing and gives a glimpse into the mentality possessed by he and his peers.

It seems more and more that a majority of the left-leaning thinkers in this country want to force their ideology onto everyone they find. When I see a hippie, I just shake my head and grin. I don't run over there and make him bathe and get a job and a haircut. I let him live how he chooses. As long as he breaks no laws or infringes upon my rights, he should be able to live as he chooses. On the other hand, he will most likely lecture me on big business, the "new world order", and the war machine until I faint from the smell of Doritos, Kool-Aid, and weed coming from his hairy maw. At the other end of the spectrum, their are a few small contingents of right-leaning nut bags who act the same as the aforementioned hippie. I've only personally experienced a small number of this type of conservative, though. By small, I mean two. The Mainstream Media is quick to spotlight the Westboro Church "ultra crazy 44th black belt conservatives" and label them as Republicans and Bush voters when they are nothing more than a collection of looneys who have lost their keeper. I know there will be some who read this that will accuse the right of doing the same with extreme liberal factions, but I beg to differ. The difference is that while the right has tiny pockets of this problem, the left has tiny pockets of sanity. Make no mistake about it. I encourage everyone to think for themselves and if the left is the side for you then, by all means, be there and be well. There are groups of folks on the left who look at hippies and lefty wackos the same way I do, but they are few and far between. I appreciate them and open dialogue with all of those who have opposing views because it is through that dialogue that we reach compromise, understanding and harmony. I am neither a registered Republican or Democrat. I vote how I choose. It just so happens that my desire to make that choice is a conservative trait.

In America you can go on the air and kid the politicians, and the politicians can go on the air and kid the people.

Please feel free to comment if the need strikes you.

“Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians - except for the occasional mountain lion steak. ”


Anonymous said...

That's a great rack he has there

Anonymous said...

And gee, I thought conservatives would have been all for the free market- letting a business (PM may be a musician, but in the end it is a business!) hire and fire who they wish.
Who would've thunk it?
I wonder what would CONS think if illegals got fired because THEY were different HMMMMMM?

Wolf Flywheel said...

Well, anonymous 2, I agree with you about the McCartney situation. I'm sure his roadie knew full well the consequenses of his actions. I don't think his firing was the point being made by Nugent. What I took out of the piece was the fact that there are folks out there willing to fire people from their job because they don't eat the same food. I don't know your politics, but from your words above I feel as if you lean left. If so, let me give an alternate example of this that I feel may bring it home to you. What if the guy was fired for living with a girl and not marrying her, or having a child out of wedlock, or for being gay? Would you think that was OK? I don't think it would be, but I imagine that while you don't see why it's bad to fire someone for something as simple as what they eat you may be outraged at the other examples I gave. I agree with personal choice. In business as well as in private life. Knowng this, I feel that forcing your beliefs on someone else should be seen as anaughty thing on both sides of the aisle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks god those wonderful conservative baptists and evangelicals would never dream of telling people how to live their lives.

The hippie will "most likely" lecture you? why don't you try telling us about reality, and actual experiences, not about what you imagine people to be like in your pathetic, bitter little dream world.

Wolf Flywheel said...

anonymous #3;

I'm glad you commented, because you illustrate something that I was trying to politely point out. It's hard to find someone to have constructive dialogue with. Usually the folks on the left who are so eager to talk are the ones so eager to use harsh tones and insults to make their point. This makes compromise and unified ideas so hard to acheive.

Anonymous said...

You know neocons love to talk about Baby boomers being stuck in the 60s, and yet all I see is Neotards talking about hippies. You lost in 06 get over it. As soon as Bushtard gets out of office, the sooner we can get rid of the 60s and get on with it. That is why we need a candidate that was actually born in the 60s, not marching in them.

cassandra said...

Both Nugent and Wolf are right- the issue is about free choice. We need the freedom of choice, which I might add, also requires one to take the responsibilty for those actions. They come together.
Unfortunately, left-leaning individuals do not want consequences or responsibilities. They want to be able to do what they wish, guilt and consequence-free. Anyone reminding them of the "r" word or having the audacity to speak up in opposition must be summarily dealt with.
Typically, left-leaning types (like the anonymous commentors here) are myopic with regards to others. Name calling, emotions, feel good, guilt free (for them) politics are all they can employ.
Logic, responsibility, free thinking, free markets, self determination, and true leadership are foreign concepts to them all.
Keep up the good work Wolf!

On a different note: I enjoy the site very much. You and J.C. Loophole do a great job with politics and entertainment. It's nice to have a "catch all" site to go to that covers a lot of my interests.

ed said...

You are spot on. Apparently those anonymous commentors engage in drive-by commenting. Spewing hate, and running without leaving a name.
Longtime readers know that these guys are way too nice and too smart for that childish stuff and are too much for libs to handle.

Tammy said...

Im not sure if you were here for the WalMart "war" of 06. Its probably n the archieves if they have em. The article was great and was linked to in a lot of places, and all the useful idiots showed up to name call and run. I don't remember any (but maybe one) person who actually tried to engage the guys here and us commenters in actual dialogue.
This is typical. You just have to laugh at them and keep reading.

Wolf Flywheel said...

Thank you ed, tammy, and cassandra. Our anonymous friends either A) didn't read the post, B)didn't comprehend the post, or C)just decided to go whole other direction with their arguments. I feel that those traits are too common amongst those or their political persuasion. It doesn't help in their quest for convrts either.

P.S.- Welcome to The Shelf family Cassandra! Stop by and comment any time. By the way; you mentioned personal responsability in your comment. You can find a piece I wrote on that very topic here. It was my first post here at The Shelf and dealt with the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in a way I felt relavent to all who face tragedy. Of course, I recommend our entire archives section. Happy reading!


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