Tuesday, October 17, 2006

gonna have a good time

I will be down for the count, internet-wise, most of the day so the round up will be 'round tomorrow. So instead today will be another weekly installment of our effort to bring back some Halloween fun into your week. Every week we have been bringing you candy reviews, and Halloween fun internet links. For everyweek in October we'll also bring you an honest to goodness Halloween cartoon, as long as they continue to exist on the source page.
Today we bring you a great Halloween Prime Time Animated special, complete with commercials, recorded in the 80s. It's in three parts and includes a commercial for an electronic game I bugged Santa about endlessly, but never got: Bank Shot! Also included is a promo for a back to back Charlie Brown primetime specials; The first televised airing of Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
These are from YouTube in three parts, but presented here in one post. Thanks to trynot2laugh on YouTube for putting these up for everyone to enjoy.
Without further adeiu we give you:
Fat Albert's Halloween Special!

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:


Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

Hey, hey, hey...gotta get those costumes today.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Fat Albert. I look forward to next week's cartoon! Make it something obscure that isn't on tv anymore, if you can find something like that. ( I guess everything is on DVD now)


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