Tuesday, September 12, 2006

it's the shelf's weekly halloween candy review

It's time for another installment of the Halloween candy review. Too soon for Halloween reviews, you say? Well you're interested enough to sit hear and read this so I guess it's not too soon, huh? Last week JC's expert panel of taste testers informed us of their opinion of one of this season's promising Halloween candies: gummy eyeballs. This week for your pre-mature Halloween pleasure we bring you Albert's brand 'Scary Skeletons'. This bony delicacy is patterned largely after the Shelf favorite 'Dem Bones'. Lost to time, dem bones were a personal favorite of mine. I always found it in the local pharmacy, which has always been a mainstay in holiday fare. This product was packaged in a relatively small plastic coffin which contained 10 or so pieces of hard candy, which tasted somewhat, like sweet tarts. You could even put the bones together like a mini-science project. They went together quite roughly and sometimes didn't fit. I feel they got an A for effort though. I would have to say that 'Dem Bones' were always my favorite or at least close to it.
As I got older and they disappeared from the shelves, I regretted the loss of a traditional favorite. Brach's is selling 'Dem Bones' once again ,but not in the coffin and with fewer pieces. That's where today's spotlight confection comes in. 'Scary Skeletons' has everything 'Dem Bones' had, only better. As you can see in the photo evidence that I have provided(pardon the blur), 'Scary Skeletons' comes in a coffin. These coffins are two to three times the size of the ones 'Dem Bones' were sold in. Each coffin has a different animated skeleton character on the front and a raised outline of a standard skeleton on the back. This was hard to photograph due to it being the same color as the rest of the coffin. Inside we find the candy bones in a their own plastic bag type container.
The candy bones are much larger than the ones found in the older 'Dem Bones'. Each coffin contains 12 pieces of candy which together make one 3 to 4 inch long skeleton . I had one broken piece in my package but this is to be expected with all of the curious shoppers picking the coffins up and giving them a good shake.
As you can see in the pictures, the pieces are a lot bigger than the candy bones of yore and they actually fit together quite perfectly. As for taste, I give it a six out of ten. The bones taste similar to a less potent sweet tart. They taste just as you would expect them to: not bad , but not enough to slap your mama for. All in all this item is far superior to 'Dem Bones' in my opinion in portions, size, and function. The coffins even come in different colors making your kid pester you to by them all.
I say, buy them for your kids. They are a good candy and fun for them to play with while deciding to eat the head or pelvis first. At $0.99 they are a decent bargain.This product also brings back some of the fun spirit that has been lost from Halloween through horror, gore, and adults trying to take over. My final recommendation is that for nostalgic purposes, the classic 'Dem Bones' is always going to be the grand-daddy. As far as 'Scary Skeletons' go, this child of a once great Halloween icon is bringing respect back to the family.

I never forget a face but in your case I'll make an exception

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“Nothing on Earth is so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night.” Steve Almond


tammy said...

I remember Dem Bones! Although I thought they were called something else. I used to pester my mother until I had all of the colors. Your candy review really hit home with me today and brightened my mood. Now I have to try and find some skeletons. Any idea where?

Wolf Flywheel said...

I found my scary skeletons at the local Walgreen's. The big department stores are stepping up with the candy,but pharmacies are somewhat traditional for me.JC bought some as well, but I'm not sure where he got his.I'm glad to see more of the "fun" candy items out this year. i remember when Halloween was special and fun and exciting.Nowadays it's just adults going to costume parties at the club and scared parents taking thier children to the special church only functions. The church things are great, but I find a safe neighborhood ahead of time and take my boy for the traditional. Happy shopping and thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartily- the teenagers and college kids have taken Halloween over. Sometimes the adults have the fun kid spirit(like over at X-Entertainment- a site I enjoy) but there are many who have taken the kid out of it. Halloween has always belonged to the kids and kids in all of us. I look forward to more fun candy reviews!

Laura said...

I bought my fall M&Ms today at Target. :) They're labeled "pumpkin mix." Sending a bag of them to my daughter at college, too.

Keep the reviews coming! Best wishes, Laura

Anonymous said...

Will Brach's make Dem Bones any more? I bought them last year at Publix but haven't looked there yet this year. I heard they weren't making them any more.


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