Tuesday, September 26, 2006

pointing fingers

He did it! Not us! Nothing to see here!

By the way, do you have your assistant's phone number on that pad. She's a looker and I've got an opening for her on my staff. Haha- get it. Just saying that's all.You've probably caught it on the news. If you are a YouTuber, you have probably seen the clips from the Clinton interview in which he becomes a little miffed at being asked about his administration's failures. He lit into Chris Wallace (no right winger himself) about doing a "right wing hit piece." He admitted his administration failed to take out Osama Bin Ladin "in 8 years" and accused the Bush administration of doing the same during their first "8 months" in office. Hmmm... 8 years... 8 months. He seemed like a man unhinged, astonished and infuriated that he should be questioned. Chris Wallace has even revealed that sometime ago, Howard Dean complimented him as "tough, but fair" when he interviewed Condi Rice. Of course, when Wallace interviews Clinton, he's doing a "hack job" Keith Olbermann (remember him? the sportscaster guy that got a political show on MSNBC?) has labeled Wallace "a monkey posing as a newscaster." Olberman also labeled Bush's presidency the "worst since James Buchanan", and that everything was being done for him. Uhh, Keith- I know you aren't much of a historian and all, but aren't those big words for a guy who for many years made his living by eloquently shouting things like "He put the biscuit in the basket!" into a microphone? I think there are quite a few other Presidents who take that title easily. Olbermann is , in frank terms, a biased idiot. Who's shilling for who, Mr. Olbermann? His intellectual incompetence, lack of integrity and honesty in favor of attacks and character assassinations, and his vitriolic rhetoric make him out to be more of propagandist that those that he accuses.
Bibbity Bobbity Boo! Come with me on my Magical Mystery Tour!
Bill Clinton himself is not above reproach. Many things happened in the 8 years Clinton was in office (The attack on The USS Cole, the 1993 attack on the WTC, the incident in Somalia, etc) that emboldened terrorists. Bin Ladin is cited as saying that our lack of resolve and response demonstrated to him that we were a "paper tiger". Clinton repeatedly cited the Richard Clarke book and stated that if he (I'm assuming he meant Chris Wallace) had read it he would see the truth. As Rush Limbaugh reported on his show, this may not be a smart move to make if he was trying to defend himself, as Clarke's book reinforces the notion that Clinton felt he couldn't do more than what little he did without political reprisals. Clarke states "In the absence of a bigger provocation from Al-Qaeda to silence his critics, Clinton thought he couldn't do anymore." In other words, Clinton was more concerned with his own political backside than the increasing threat of terrorism. There are some things that require you to make a stand, one that might be unpopular, but will prove out to be the right thing to do in the long run. Clinton was unable or unwilling to take that position. Now, some may say that it was his advisors or the media, etc. that "pushed" him to not do anything and backed him in a corner. That's fine if they feel that way. To me that just all the more illustrates my point.

This lady doesn't take their crap- neither should you.However the truth is, terrorism is not Bill Clinton's fault, just as it is not Bush's fault. Terrorism's crimes and atrocities lie at the feet of the terrorists. However, Clinton could have made other choices and made other things a priority other than his own political legacy and agendas. Mr. Clinton's administration and their efforts or lack thereof will continue to be questioned and discussed, and historians will make judgments that they will. The Democrats are touting a very small section of the NIE terrorism report that was recently leaked, and stating it demonstrates that the Iraq war created more terrorism (see Gateway Pundit for more about this). Clinton, the Dems, and Olbermann are all engaged in the ultimate exercise of folly: finger pointing. The finger pointing game is being played for political points. What that means is that the American public, you and I, are being played. They expect several things:
A) Americans are stupid, they will just believe what we tell them.
B) Americans are lazy, they won't research and read things and figure them out.
C) Americans have no focus, they won't pay attention long enough to see if we are wrong.
That means their greatest weapons are
A) Shouting and Hyperbole
B) Soundbites
C) Rhetoric

Americans are not lazy and stupid. We don't have to lie down and take it. We can, if we will, think for ourselves. For instance, the whole story on this is not being told. The Bush administration is now declassifying this report in total, because it contains a great deal more information than the "leak" provided. The report may demonstrate a much clearer picture that is different from the Democratic leaks. And now, the administration seems to be pushing back. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is now pointing out that Clinton's arguments and claims made during his outburst are "flatly false." In the later weeks there will be reports given very little if any coverage, that the report has much more positive findings. Hidden away in the AM hours and in the deep recesses of the papers you will continue to find reports of progress in the War on Terror. The thing is, we have to pay attention and stay focused and not be blinded by the slight of hand. Yes, Clinton will continue to work overtime in manipulating how his administration is remembered. And yes Olbermann will continue his best Howard Beale-esque imiation and crazed diatribes. And yes, the Harry Reid and other leftist Democrats will continue to cherry pick data and soundbite us into a coma. What can be different is how you respond. Will you just assume it's true because they are on TV, or will you think for yourself and do the research and the reading? Maybe you don't have time. I can understand- but you need to make some time for it- otherwise you do yourself a disservice. Make the time, and don't take everything at face value. Think for yourself.

UPDATE: Bush has declassified the NIE- expect to see more reaction over the next few hours. Thank God that MSNBC has experts like former SNL writer and near bankrupt talk show host Al Franken on hand to tell us what to think.

Also Afghanistan President Karzai appeared with President Bush today and made a statement in response to a question to the press, who were hoping for a great soundbite! They got one, but not the one they hoped for. The reporter is Jennifer Loven of the AP. Here is the question and Pres. Karzai's response:

"Jennifer Loven: And to President Karzai, if I might, what do you think of President Musharraf's comments that you need to get to know your own country better when you're talking about where terror threats and the Taliban threat is coming from?

PRESIDENT KARZAI: Ma'am, before I go to remarks by my brother, President Musharraf, terrorism was hurting us way before Iraq or September 11th. The President mentioned some examples of it. These extremist forces were killing people in Afghanistan and around for years, closing schools, burning mosques, killing children, uprooting vineyards, with vine trees, grapes hanging on them, forcing populations to poverty and misery.

They came to America on September 11th, but they were attacking you before September 11th in other parts of the world. We are a witness in Afghanistan to what they are and how they can hurt. You are a witness in New York. Do you forget people jumping off the 80th floor or 70th floor when the planes hit them? Can you imagine what it will be for a man or a woman to jump off that high? Who did that? And where are they now? And how do we fight them, how do we get rid of them, other than going after them? Should we wait for them to come and kill us again? That's why we need more action around the world, in Afghanistan and elsewhere, to get them defeated -- extremism, their allies, terrorists and the like."

Ms. Loven had also asked President Bush a question that got a great answer that you will not see covered on the evening or morning news. The answer is very long and I exerpt it here. Please follow the link above for the entire transcript of the press conference with Pres. Karzai.

"Loven: Even after hearing that one of the major conclusions of the National Intelligence Estimate in April was that the Iraq war has fueled terror growth around the world, why have you continued to say that the Iraq war has made this country safer?

PRESIDENT BUSH: You know, to suggest that if we weren't in Iraq, we would see a rosier scenario with fewer extremists joining the radical movement requires us to ignore 20 years of experience. We weren't in Iraq when we got attacked on September the 11th. We weren't in Iraq, and thousands of fighters were trained in terror camps inside your country, Mr. President. We weren't in Iraq when they first attacked the World Trade Center in 1993. We weren't in Iraq when they bombed the Cole. We weren't in Iraq when they blew up our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. My judgment is, if we weren't in Iraq, they'd find some other excuse, because they have ambitions. They kill in order to achieve their objectives.

You know, in the past, Osama bin Laden used Somalia as an excuse for people to join his jihadist movement. In the past, they used the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was a convenient way to try to recruit people to their jihadist movement. They've used all kinds of excuses. This government is going to do whatever it takes to protect this homeland. We're not going to let their excuses stop us from staying on the offense. The best way to protect America is defeat these killers overseas so we do not have to face them here at home. We're not going to let lies and propaganda by the enemy dictate how we win this war.

....I want you to read the documents so you don't speculate about what it says. You asked me a question based upon what you thought was in the document, or at least somebody told you was in the document. And so I think, Jennifer, you'll be able to ask a more profound question when you get to look at it yourself ."

You won't see any of that on many of the mainstream news media outlets. Thanks President Karzai and President Bush for your honesty and courage.

Stay tuned. Media roundup tomorrow. Later in the week: Bargain Bin review and our weekly Halloween Candy teaser.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

We're not a respectable network. We're a whorehouse network, and we have to take whatever we can get.


Anonymous said...

Why did you feel the need to bring up Olbermann as a former sports news anchor and then leave out the fact the Limbaugh was a play-by-pay and color analyst for years before he became a politico talking head? Limbaugh tried as recently as a couple of years ago to get back into sports broadcasting. Yet, those do not make any apperance in your "report".

Anonymous said...

Very well spoken. You should be on tv!!!

Wolf Flywheel said...

anonymous#1- Please enlighten me with facts to support this statement about Mr. Limbaugh.I know very little of him and if your statement is true then you have a valid point.

Wolf Flywheel said...

anonymous#1-I've just read a dozen of so bios on the web(some written by his detractors)and none mention play-by-play or sportscasting until his recent foray a few years ago with Monday Night Football.I find your statement factually incorrect based on this.If you have a source of info that proves it, please inform me.Otherwise lets be on to the next thing you have a problem with in this article.

J.C. Loophole said...

Anonymous #1- Actually Yes, Mr. Limbaugh was a sports announcer for the KC Royals (I believe, briefly). Wolf didn't know as he does not much listen to Mr. Limbaugh. I don't always make a habit of quoting Mr. Limbaugh- and I didn't here. The quote is actually Richard Clarke, not Mr. Limbaugh, on Mr. Clarke's experience with then President Clinton. I linked Mr. Limbaugh because he was the source of the exact quote from the book. Unlike Mr. Olbermann, I try to provide some source material and at least provide where I find my quotes.

I believe that Mr. Olbermann is given an undue amount of deference and credibility and has squandered any amount of plausible claim of “unbias” and objectivity. Mr. Limbaugh is on record as saying he is biased and has stated so several times in interviews and his show.
By the way, I do not purport to be a journalist or reporter. I am neither. I actually studied to earn my degree....
SO this was not a report. It was an opinion piece on a blog. My opinion. Much like everyone who comments on this site, I have an opinion.
Anonymous #2- Thanks for your comment. (Do I detect sarcasm? That's OK if it is, we love sarcasm here!) Either way- I have already been on TV and film- and I'll leave it at that.

Wolf Flywheel said...

"After four years, he left for Pittsburgh to work at the former ABC owned and operated KQV. He later moved to Kansas City where he eventually tired of disc jockey life and left broadcasting for business. He joined the Kansas City Royals as director of group sales in Feb. 1979 and later served as director of sales and special events.
By 1983, Mr. Limbaugh got the broadcasting bug back and re-entered radio as a political commentator for KMBZ in Kansas City."

I am sorry, this is what I read that led me to believe what I stated.

J.C. Loophole said...

I happened to take a look around the web at some of the reaction to the NIE- very little that I could find outside of news outlets. Predictable. What I did find was a disturbing populous lying prostrate at the feet of Olbermann. I freakin' give up.
Here are some comments from blog entries (do a Technorati search for Olbermann and you'll find them. Trust me.
Here are some choice ones:
"Edward R. Murrow would be proud. Keith Olbermann lays it out plain"
"Keith Olbermann is my new hero"
"This journalist and true American cannot be praised enough for what he is doing."
"I've said it before--God, I love this man."
"i want to have keith olbermann's abortion. "

What's the use in telling people to think for themselves when it's so obvious that they refuse to. When someone names the modern world's three wise men as "Olbermann, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert" we've got a serious problem. Liberals will never grow up. They will sit in their own hate, vomit and spew like a baby sits in their own dirty diaper whining and crying until someone changes it for them. Olbermann is a hack, a former sportscaster who has pissed off more people at his former workplaces than Leona Hemsley. He's a disereputable journalist with a chip on his shoulder the size of Manhattan. Edward Murrow would be ashamed that Olbermann would even be called a journalist. Because he's not even good enough to lick Murrow's shoes.
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are comedians who do "Fake news" shows (as Stewart has repeatedly said). They are funny guys. Are they Einstein and Ghandi- don't think so, and they wouldn't say as much of themselves either. Therefore it's not surprising that people who are so easily suckered in by conspiracy theorist wacko talk show hosts, dishonest MSM, and propagandists should respect and idolize "fake news" shows.

I give up.
I just freakin' give up.

Anonymous said...

No sarcasm intended. Just a

anonymous #2

J.C. Loophole said...

Thank you for the compliment. We appreciate your visit with us.

Anonymous said...

Awesome article! It's nice to see someone that addresses the facts at hand and doesn't come at these issues with any kind of slant. You didn't berate Clinton for his statements in that interview, you just simply pointed out the falshoods in a dignified manner. I just wish we could get some people on the liberal side of things to behave in the same manner! I also really appreciate the quotes from Presiden Karzai, and Presiden Bush. Like you said it is hard to find the good stuff that comes from him (bush) because of how incredibly biased our news/media is. Thanks for the great article!


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