Friday, September 01, 2006


It's time for some light hearted fun this week. Nothing will do better than the fact that it is a new month, and that change is in the air. Yes, summer is on it's last legs, and for me not a moment too soon. I am not a summer person. I am in fact a Fall kind of guy. I love Fall, and I really like Winter. So, what better to get me in a more jovial mood than to make a special sighting. Not just any sighting, but a true sign Fall will be here soon. A first Halloween sighting. Now I don't normally like it when the stores bring out the seasonal goods way in advance. Usually I would balk at the notion of Halloween things out before Labor Day. But I have noticed that this isn't a full blown invasion just yet. The stores are sending the advance guard, if you will: the candy. Not much in the way of costumes, bags, or devilment of any kind... at least in my area. And my feeling is that after Labor Day a full onslaught will commence.

The manufacturers are hitting us up with their confections but I see most of the marketing being hyped with an Autumn theme. Is this a P.C. twist on Halloween, or merely a way to sale products early on without peaking too early on the Halloween stuff? Are they appealing to a seasonal sensibility and then lowering the Halloween boom a few weeks later? This remains to be seen. In the meantime Shelfers, because we are so tired of summer (and the past month really) we welcome the first sighting of Halloween- marketing aside.
This one comes in the form of candy, which some of you may have seen as well. We present to you... Gummy Eyeballs.

Gummy Eyeballs. It just rolls of the tongue, doesn't it? Get it? Rolls? Because... you know... they are eyeballs! Oh, never mind...

Anyway, I was careful to take some pictures before my human vacuum cleaners sucked them down. It didn't take long. The package came with roughly 5 candies each. Each pupil matched the coloring on the individual wrapping. The bag was very inexpensive. And the candy?

The gummys are of the marshmallow variety, not the gummy gel kind. This isn't terrible per se, but the gel could make the whole "eyeball" experience kinda pop. Each gummy is encased in a soft plastic shell and individually wrapped. My official taste testers gave it two thumbs up, with one adding a caveat: "It could have been more slimy."

Sorry Shelfers. I had to share the experience. For once, early bird marketing actually brought a little light into my life. So you'll forgive me if I indulge my whims. Fall is around the corner.

With September also comes a special anniversary. It will be the one year anniversary of The Shelf. Therefore, during the month of September we will occasionally add a "Shelf Classics" link in post which will take you back to a Shelf Classic from the past year. And, on behalf of Wolf and myself we thank you for your support, and hope you'll continue to come back.

Oh, I know it's a penny here and a penny there, but look at me. I worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.

Aw bopkins. Gad zooks. Take a look at that spook of spooks.


Anonymous said...

In my area (CA) we've had costumes for at least a week now. I know what you mean tho' by being ready for fall. Anxious for the wet and hot summer weather to blow away.

Anonymous said...

Kinda stoked about Halloween. More candy and Halloween stuff please-

Wolf Flywheel said...

My sentiments exactly anonymous 2. To whet your appetite, check out our archives for last October for our breakdown of Halloween cartoon specials.


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