Monday, January 23, 2006

wun'erful, won'erful...

I have just one thing to say to you this morning....Direct yourselves to the newest link in the Shelf Community: Greenbriar Picture Shows.If you love classic cinema, you will lose yourself in reading and looking at the wonderful new website and blog created by John McElwee. I first discovered GPS (HA!) while having my daily dose of Amid and Beck's Cartoon Brew last week. This morning's entry concerns some lovely glamour shots of actress and Hollywood's first scream queen, Fay Wray. (Although our above picture came from another wonderful site: Dr. Macro's. Thanks to blogger Pita for the tip. And Pita, although I don't speak French, I think the graphics and image scans on your site are lovely.)

I can't say enough about GPS- it's my new favorite daily dose. It's rare when I encounter a website/blog where all of the entries have captured my attention, but this is one of those rare cases. The past few days I have read about Buster Keaton, Tippy Hedren and Hitch (you know we love the Hitch here at the Shelf), D.W. Griffith, and others. I have lingered over stunning photos of Clara Bow, Ingrid Bergman, and the aforemention Ms. Wray from GPS's collection. McElwee writes with a cinema lover's passion, but also with a keen eye on the business of filmmaking as well. His entries on the deals that brought Looney Tunes, Popeye and other cartoons and shorts to television through AAP. If you have ever watched cartoons on your local "Bozo" show or afternoon TV- you know of which I speak. It's combined with incredible images from the promotional literature and industry ads that accompanied the transtition of those great shorts onto television in the 50's. It's these posts that caught Jerry Beck's attention at the Brew.

I have to say it was the scrapbook pictures of the original Hollywood "It" girl, Clara Bow that sealed the deal for me. Greenbriar Picture Shows is the Shelf web pick of the week. Do yourself a favor - stop reading this and get over there!

As always- your comments are welcome.

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.

Some big hard-boiled egg gets a look at a pretty face and bang - he cracks up and goes sappy.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture...
The Greenbrier website was a wonderful new addition to my day. Thanks for the link.


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